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Single-Stream Recycling

Bentley University has a single-stream recycling program; luckily for us that means no sorting. All you have to do is keep trash and recycling separate. Not sure what is recyclable and what's not? Click the chart (right) for a printable poster!


Frequently Asked Recycling Questions:

Q: Sometimes there are food remnants in my disposable container. Does it need to be completely clean in order to be recycled?

A: While it is always preferable to rinse if a sink is nearby, as long as the empty container is not leaking its contents and therefore contaminating other recyclables, the container should definitely be recycled. Just scoop out the contents the best you can and toss it in the nearest blue bin!

Q: Does single-stream mean I can throw my batteries and old cell phones in my dorm's recycling bin?

A: No, these items are considered hazardous waste as they contain acids and chemicals that can leak into water systems. The "single-stream" applies to plastics, bottles, and paper products on campus. Drop off your electronics recycling at the two e-waste stations on the first floor of Morrison and on the bottom floor of the Library near the Help Desk. Find out more on our Electronics Recycling page.

Q: Where is all our recycling and trash being hauled when it leaves campus? 

A: Click on the map to see the locations of our trash, recycling and pre-consumer compost facilities. All of our facilities are within 50 miles of campus, while our recycling and compost facilities are within 15 miles of Bentley.

To learn more about this process click here.