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Bentley University makes use of high end server technology, disk storage, and software to keep the university operating at peak performance.  We utilize hardware and software from vendors such as EMC, Cisco and VMware.  By using this equipment, Bentley stays up with the latest technological advances while maintaining superior uptime and performance.

The server environment consists of Cisco UCS hardware that serves as the foundation for all servers.  Whether the servers are Microsoft Windows based or Red Hat or Oracle Linux based, all run with great performance and reliability.  The servers are running in a vrtualized environment so that resources are shared and can be added or removed as necessary.  Also, the ability to automatically failover to other hardware should something occur, makes for sustained uptime while the faulty unit can be easily replaced or upgraded.

Software that runs between the hardware and operating system is known as a hypervisor.  This is powered by VMware.  The leading software provider for server virtualization.

The disk storage space is EMC.  EMC is know for its high quality, reliability, and performance based storage.  All servers are connected to EMC for their storage needs.

Currently, Bentley operates around 400 virtual guests (servers) across 40 vitual hosts.