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Use of Telephone Keys

Auto Dial


Lets you dial a
specific telephone 
number by pressing a feature key.

To store an Auto Dial number: 
Without lifting the handset, press the Auto Dial key.
Dial the number to be stored,
press the Auto Dial key again.


To use Auto Dial:
Press an extension number or lift the handset.  
Press the Auto Dial key. 
The stored number is dialed automatically. 

Call Waiting Line


Allows you to take another call while you are currently on the phone.

Press hold for the original call, then press line that is ringing. You may alternate between calls by utilizing the hold key.


You can set up a conference with the maximum of six parties,
including yourself.

While on a call, press the Conference key. The other party is on hold and you will then hear a dial tone.


Dial the next number of the conference call, announce the call and press the Conference key.


If necessary, repeat the procedure to include the other parties in the conference.


To forward your calls to another extension or directly into voicemail while your  phone is unattended.

To activate press the Forward key twice while idle. All sets are pre-programmed to 2666(direct to voicemail). If you wish to change, press the Forward key, type the extension number you wish to forward your phone to, then hit forward again. 


To cancel: 
While phone is idle, press Forward key once.

Handsfree Calling

To place or answer call without using your handset.               

Press extension number and dial. You may also press an extension to answer. To end call press release key (Rls).

Intercom (I/C)

To call another set in your department intercom group by dialing a two-digit code.

With or without lifting your handset, press I/C group key.  Dial the two-digit code of the person you wish to reach in your group.          

To answer the call.

Press the I/C key.

Last Number Redial

llows you to automatically redial the last number you dialed.&

Press your extension number twice.


Allows you to automatically dial voice mail.

Press extension number, then press message.


To transfer a call to another extension.

Press the Transfer key.
Dial the extension number and announce the call, press Transfer key.
You may also press Transfer key, dial extension, press Transfer key.

Volume Control for Voice and Ringing

To control the volume of the handset, the speaker and 
the ringer.

Raise the volume by pressing the right side of the bar and lower the volume
by pressing the left side of the bar.


You can only adjust the volume of the ringer while the phone is ringing.