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Parking Regulations

All other parking violations will be in effect as usual.

Privilege to Operate a Motor Vehicle on Campus

Permission to operate a motor vehicle on the grounds owned, operated or controlled by Bentley University is a discretionary privilege, not a right, bestowed by the Board of Trustees of the university. Such privilege may be denied, revoked, suspended or modified by the action of the trustees or by officers of the university authorized to take such action. Violation of these rules could result in the immediate towing of the vehicle, at the owner’s expense.

Authority to Enforce Traffic Regulations

It is the duty of the executive director of public safety/chief of police and the designated employees of the university police department to enforce the provisions of the parking rules and regulations.

Authority to Post Traffic Signs

The executive director of public safety/chief of police or his/her designee is authorized to place and maintain all official traffic and parking signs, signals, markings and safety zones required on the campus and other lands of the university, including the placement of temporary signs and markings as may be specifically required by emergencies or other special circumstances. Operators of vehicles used in and about the campus and other lands of the university shall conform to such signs, signals, markings and safety zones.

Interference with Signs and/or Traffic Control Devices

Any person who willfully, intentionally and without right defaces or otherwise tampers with, removes, interferes with or destroys any traffic or parking regulating sign, light, signal, electronic or manual gate to control the flow of vehicular traffic, or marking device lawfully erected or placed on the campus or other lands of the university shall be subject to prosecution under the applicable criminal statute of the commonwealth. Students may also be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action.

Parking Regulation Changes

The executive director of public safety/chief of police may at times during the year suspend, change or revise the normal operating parking regulations to meet the needs of the university community and its operating functions, i.e., concerts, VIP visits, commencement, admissions open houses, etc. During such events, the university community will be notified of any parking changes and alternative-parking measures will be implemented for those parties who may be displaced from their designated parking areas.

University Buildings

Motorcycles, motor scooters or other motor vehicles may not be parked so as to cause undue noise or disturbance, or be parked so as to obstruct entrance and egress to and from any university building. No vehicle may be parked within the walks of a residence hall or on land not so appropriately designated or designed for motor-vehicle use, unless specifically authorized by the executive director of public safety/chief of police or his/her designee. No vehicle shall at any time be placed or left in any building except authorized vehicles, which shall be garaged in appropriate structures. Failure to comply will result in the immediate removal of the vehicle from university property at the owner’s expense.

Speed Limit

The posted speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour.

All Vehicles Must Be Registered Through the Bentley On-Line Portal

Parking decals are issued by the Bentley University Police Department and required in order to park in all university parking lots. Each student, faculty, and staff member who operates or parks a motor vehicle or motorcycle on the property of Bentley University must register their vehicle with the University Police and obtain a parking permit in order to park on campus. All vehicles must be registered through the on-line portal by accessing   Once you have registered your vehicle online, parking decals may be picked up at the University Police Card Office. You MUST bring with you your valid driver's license, valid motor vehicle registration, and your Bentley ID card. NO EXCEPTIONS

Student Online Link Instructions

Staff_Faculty On Line link Instructions

Student Parking Fees

The fee for the parking decal is a one-time, non-refundable fee good for the semester. The fee is the same whether you request a decal at the start of the semester or at any other time during a semester and it will not be pro-rated. Once a new parking decal is obtained, students will not be required to replace the parking decal each year. The fee will be renewed each semester as long as the student is registered for classes that semester.

Effective the Fall 2013 semester, the following fees will be assessed for student parking decals:

Resident students (undergraduate and graduate) - $62.50 per semester

Commuter Day Students (undergraduate) -  $ 37.50 per semester                                                                     

Commuter Part-Time Students (evening and graduate) - $ 25.00 per semester

All students must have a parking decal or temporary pass at all times on their vehicles.  Students that do not purchase a decal or temporary pass cannot park on campus at any time, including the weekends..

Second Motor Vehicle

If you need to use a second motor vehicle you must purchase a second decal or temporary pass.

If you must use another vehicle temporarily (for example when your primary vehicle is in the repair shop), you must obtain a special temporary hangtag permit from University Police. This pass will be issued, at no charge if proof of the repairs is shown or verified.  The temporary decals must be displayed by hanging it on the vehicle’s rear view mirror.

Additional Info for requesting a replacement Decal - Including Last Year Freshmen

If you are a commuter student transitioning to a resident student or a resident student transitioning to a commuter student or last year freshmen and you purchased a parking decal during the previous academic year please read the instructions below.

If you are returning in the Fall/Spring with the same vehicle you will need to do the following:

  1. Bring proof that the other decal has been scraped off.  Preferably a picture of the decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.

  2. Bring your license, vehicle registration, and Bentley ID with you to the Card Office. NO EXCEPTIONS

  3. We will issue you a new Commuter/Resident decal and the adjustments will be made to your account. You do not have to re-register on the portal

If you are returning in the Fall/Spring with a different vehicle with the same plate # you will need to do the following:

  1. Bring proof that the other decal has been scraped off.  Preferably a picture of the decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.

  2. Bring your license, vehicle registration, and Bentley ID with you to the Card Office. NO EXCEPTIONS

  3. We will issue you a new Commuter/Resident decal and the adjustments will be made to your account. You do not have to re-register on the portal

If you are returning in the Fall/Spring with a different vehicle you will need to do the following:

Bring proof that the decal has been scraped off.  Preferably a picture of the decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.

  1. You must request another parking permit online through your “” account.

  2. Bring your license, vehicle registration, and Bentley ID with you to the Card Office. NO EXCEPTIONS

  3. We will issue you a new commuter/resident decal and the adjustments will be made to your account.

If you are returning without a vehicle you will need to do the following:

  1. Email with a picture of your parking decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.  Please state in the email that you will no longer have a vehicle on campus.  Please include your name, student ID #, and the license plate number of the vehicle that the decal was affixed to.  The decal will be expired and voided which will allow for the parking fee to be taken off of your student account.

  2. Last Year Freshman Only - Your account was not charged so you do not have to do the above unless you were charged.

Please direct any questions to or contact the Card Office at 781-891-2292.

Temporary Parking Passes  (Hang Tag Passes)

All students except freshman who do not purchase the parking decal are allowed 3 one day passes, to be used on individuals days or all at one time each semester at no cost. If students need to have a vehicle on campus after using the allotted free passes they must purchase a temporary pass.

The cost for temporary passes will be $25.00 for one week or $50.00 for a month for any type of pass.  All the parking rules and regulations set forth by the University will apply to the temporary passes and the necessary documentation brought to the University Police when picking up the temporary decal.

You can purchase the temporary decal by applying and paying for the decal at 

The receipt you printed out is not the pass and it should not be placed in your vehicle as a pass.

Once you have paid for the decal online print out the receipt and bring it with the necessary vehicle and license documentation to the University Police dispatch center or Card Office and you will be provided with a temporary decal.

Temporary passes are also available for purchase with your Falcon Funds at the Card Office during their normal business hours.  Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  No decal or pass will be issued without the proper documentation.

The pass is not valid until picked up at University Police and the active/expire dates of the pass are written on the pass and the pass placed in the vehicle

First Year Resident Student Parking (Freshman)

First year resident students are not allowed to have vehicles on campus. Some exceptions for medical and/or financial hardships may be made on a limited basis. Documentation confirming such a hardship will be required. The fee for parking, if authorized, is $62.50 per semester. First year resident students must request special permission to park on campus by submitting a written request through the freshmen parking request form.  First year students granted parking privileges must comply with very strict guidelines.  Written guidelines are provided and each first year resident student is required to sign an agreement acknowledging their understanding of the strict parking guidelines. Violation of these guidelines may result in the towing of the student’s vehicle, revocation of parking privileges and judicial referral. Upper class students may not procure parking decals or passes for first year students. Those who attempt to do so will face disciplinary action and revocation of their own parking privileges. Parking violations appeals will not be allowed for freshmen who violated the strict guidelines imposed.

Motorcycle and Moped Parking

All persons operating a motorcycle or moped on campus are required to register via the online portal to obtain the new motorcycle parking decal which can be affixed to the front fork of the motorcycle.  The cost will be the same as the other decals depending on the student’s status.

Effective the Fall 2013 semester the following fees will be assessed for student parking decals:

Resident students (undergraduate and graduate) -    $62.50 per semester

Commuter Day Students (undergraduate) -  $ 37.50 per semester                                                                       

Commuter Part-Time Students (evening and graduate) - $ 25.00 per semester

Visitors and Guest Passes

Special parking permits for university visitors and guests can be obtained at the University Police Station at no charge. You are required to inform your guests of all-parking rules and regulations on campus. Anyone who parks without a pass is subject to tickets and fines. Guests of resident students must park in the Farm lot, designated as Lot #20, located on the lower campus. Spaces marked for visitors are for persons not affiliated with any Bentley University faculty, staff, or student and are not authorized to park in visitor parking spaces even when using an alternate vehicle.  The student sponsor must accompany the visitor to the University Police station to obtain a visitor pass from Sunday night at 10 pm through Friday night at 5:00 pm and the vehicle registration and driver’s license of the visitor must be presented and the student sponsor must have his/her Bentley ID.. The visitor is not allowed to stay more than three days without permission from Residence Life.

Where to Park

Vehicles must be parked in white lined parking spaces only. All parking lots have signs displaying who is authorized to park there.

- Resident student parking is reserved for resident students only.

- Staff/Faculty parking is reserved for staff and faculty only.

- General Parking is reserved for commuters, guests and contractors.

- Service Vehicle parking is reserved for contractors and university staff required to provide maintenance and make frequent deliveries.

- Bentley Handicapped vehicle parking spaces are reserved for motorists displaying a valid handicapped parking permit issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by an out of state agency or by the City of Waltham HP Commission.

Parking Decals and Passes

Only one parking decal should be displayed on your vehicle; displaying more than one decal without prior permission may result in a parking citation. Parking decals must be permanently affixed to the vehicles inside lower right corner passenger side front window. If the windows are tinted apply to inside front windshield in lower corner on the driver's side.

Decals are not transferable.  

Out of State Vehicles (students only)

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90 Section 3 requires every non Massachusetts resident enrolled as a student at a school or college in the commonwealth who operates a motor vehicle in another state or country during any period beginning on September 1 of any year and ending on August 31 of the following year, to maintain Massachusetts-mandated insurance coverage on the vehicle. You must complete the online “Non-resident Driver Statement” print out a copy and bring the copy to the University Police Card Office  to obtain and properly affix a non-resident decal/sticker to the vehicle. This law also requires all schools, (except secondary schools) colleges and universities to provide the nonresident student with the “Non-resident Driver Statement” and to issue these decals/stickers and maintain a “register” containing certain information relative to students who operate out-of-state registered vehicles in Massachusetts. Failure to file the “Non-resident Driver Statement” is punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.00.

Note: The non-resident decal is separate from the university's parking decal.  There is no charge for the non-resident decal.

Service Vehicle Parking Spaces

Parking spaces designated as Service Vehicle Parking are reserved for service, contractor and delivery vehicles.  These spaces are not to be used for long term parking by the service vehicles. Student violators will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

Staff and Faculty Parking Lots

Parking lots designated as staff or faculty are for the exclusive use of staff and faculty of the university. Students may not park in staff or faculty lots, except as designated in the section governing Overnight Parking.

General Rules

The absence of "No Parking" signs does not mean that parking is allowed. Locating a legal parking space is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator. Lack of parking spaces will not be considered a valid excuse for violating a parking regulation. Violators will receive parking citations and the vehicle may be towed. Vehicle hazard lights cannot be used to park in a fire lane, roadway or any other area. Vehicles must be parked in white lined parking spaces only, unless the proper HP placard or plate allows you to park in the blue lined HP spaces..

Hazard lights are used for the purpose of notifying other vehicles approaching you that your vehicle is having mechanical problems, or is disabled. You must immediately notify University Police of any mechanical problem. All vehicles parked on Bentley property must be properly registered and insured. Vehicles left on university property without valid registration plates are subject to removal at the owner's expense.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking spaces are restricted to vehicles displaying a Massachusetts handicapped placard issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, or a temporary handicapped pass issued by the City of Waltham. Temporary passes will be issued by the City of Waltham to those who demonstrate a need for handicapped parking due to a temporary medical condition. Medical documentation from a physician must be provided when applying for a temporary pass and should specifically indicated the duration for which a parking pass, will be needed. Handicapped Parking Form

Parking Citations and Fines

If you are issued a parking citation, it will be attached to your vehicle, handed to you, or mailed.  A copy of any ticket can be obtained by the person whom the ticket was issued to from University Police through their ARMS parking system. Claims that a ticket was not received or found on a vehicle will not be reason for appeal as the ticket may have been taken off by unknown person(s).  The ticketing system is updated daily and you will receive the citation fee on your Bentley account on the date it was received/updated.

Payment of fines is required upon receipt of the parking violation.

Payment may be made by personal check made payable to Bentley University and mailed to Cashier’s Office, Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Payment may also be made directly at the Cashiers Office located at 123 Rauch Building. Cashier Office hours are Monday – Wednesday - Friday 9:00 to 12:30 only.


Parking citation fines will be billed to the student’s account. A registrar’s hold will be placed on the student’s account preventing the student from registering for classes until the parking fine is paid.

If a vehicle receives more than three (3) parking tickets in an academic year, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. The dean of student affairs will be notified, in writing, upon the student’s third parking violation in an academic year for consideration of judicial sanctions. In the case of freshmen students who violate the parking restrictions, the dean of student affairs will be notified upon the first violation. See section entitled “Freshman Parking" for more information.

The Parking Ticket Appeal Process

Only appeals for legitimate discrepancies with regard to the current parking policy will be heard. Appeals must be made by completing the online ticket appeal form. Appeals must be submitted within five days of the violation. If you were illegally parked for any reason, or for any amount of time, your appeal will be denied. Opinions about the fairness of the fines or parking rules are not grounds for having a parking violation overturned if your vehicle was parked illegally.

Ticket Appeals Form

Administrative Action

Bentley University is committed to the safety of our community. The following activities may result in the revocation of parking privileges or the towing of a vehicle:

- Revoked permit status

- Reckless or dangerous driving

- Improper use or use without permission of Bentley University vehicles and equipment

- Using Bentley University owned or leased equipment not allowed by Massachusetts General Laws on roadways, sidewalks and grounds off campus

Overnight Parking

Properly registered student vehicles are authorized to park overnight in all resident student parking lots at all times. Students may also park overnight on weekends in staff parking areas starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday until 10:00 p.m. on Sundays. In the event there is a three-day holiday weekend, overnight parking in staff lots will be extended until 10:00 p.m. on Monday nights.  Note: Student vehicles parked in staff lots prior to 6:00 p.m. on Friday or after 10:00 p.m. on Sunday nights (or Monday nights on a holiday weekend) will be ticketed and towed, without warning, at the operator's expense.


- Vehicles may be towed when the following occur:

- Vehicles not displaying a current Bentley University parking decal, or valid pass

- Upon the fourth violation in an academic year

- Vehicles parked in a manner that interfere with the movement of emergency vehicles or endanger the life or property of others

- Vehicles abandoned

- Vehicles parked in an area reserved for handicapped persons

- Parking or blocking handicapped access ramp

- Vehicles parked in a fire lane, or near a fire hydrant

- Unregistered and expired registrations

- Vehicles parked in staff and faculty lots

Other conditions may exist that require the removal of vehicles from campus property. The university reserves the right to tow vehicles from its property for blatant violations of the parking rules and whenever public safety is compromised. Towing and additional vehicle storage charges, in addition to any fines imposed, are the responsibility of the owner and/or operator of the vehicle in violation.

Snow Emergency

The Bentley University Police Department, in conjunction with the Residential Center, will make every effort to notify the Bentley community of impending snow storms that will require the temporary relocation of vehicles to allow for snow removal. Specific instructions will be provided when snow emergencies are in effect.

Overnight parking in lots designated at General, Faculty or Staff parking will not be allowed to park during the winter months (defined as November 1 through March 31). This measure is required because increased overnight parking in many general lots has hindered emergency snow removal operations. If overnight parking is needed, please contact University Police.

All vehicles that are in the previously mentioned lots after midnight during the winter months will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Motor Vehicle Storage

Long- and short-term vehicle storage is available for Students, Staff and Faculty. You will be required to fill out a storage agreement and waiver form that can be picked up at the Police Station or use the attached PDF form. This form needs to be filled out completely and returned to University Police prior to leaving your vehicle on campus.  Any person allowed to store vehicle on campus must present a valid registration when dropping off the storage form. University Police will instruct you as to where you are authorized to store your vehicle on campus. Vehicles allowed to remain on campus must remain properly registered and insured for the entire period of time they remain on campus.  Failure to have a registered and insured vehicle on campus will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.    Motor Vehicle Storage Form.