Accounting and finance degree

Get an accounting and finance degree from a leading business school.

Companies today are seeking a different kind of business school graduate. It's no longer enough just to have an accounting and finance degree – businesses want employees who not only have strong accounting and finance skills, but who have a deep understanding of technology, who look at businesses opportunities from a global perspective, and who can solve complex problems that cut across many disciplines.

For an accounting and finance degree that can prepare you to confidently enter and succeed in this new business environment, consider the undergraduate and graduate programs at Bentley University.

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Bentley University offers nationally recognized accounting and finance degree programs.

Located in the midst of Boston's innovative and thriving business community, Bentley University is one of the few universities in Massachusetts and New England dedicated to business education. A Bentley education integrates business studies with advanced training in technology and liberal arts courses that help develop skills and leadership and communication, and give graduates a broader perspective that can help them solve business challenges more creatively.

Bentley offers several accounting and finance degree programs for graduates and undergraduates:

  • Graduate accounting program – Bentley's nationally ranked Masters of Accountancy degree prepares students to work in all major areas of accounting, including financial, managerial and tax accounting; accounting information systems; and auditing.
  • Masters in Finance – this degree provides students with specialized skills in financial analysis and decision-making through a rigorous curriculum that integrates mathematics, accounting, economics and other disciplines related to business finance.
  • BS in Finance Accounting – this undergraduate program is designed to give students the required skills for a career in corporate finance, including the ability to integrate technology into corporate finance and accounting practices.

Students at Bentley may also pursue masters programs in financial planning, taxation, marketing analytics and other disciplines, as well as several MBA programs.

A degree program with the latest accounting technology and partnerships with employers in finance.

Getting an MS or MBA in Boston give students the opportunity to intern at and learn more about some of the most innovative organizations in finance, healthcare, marketing, high tech, nonprofit and more.

And students enrolled in an accounting and finance degree program at Bentley University benefit from the school's commitment to integrating technology and education. Accounting degree students gain firsthand experience and strong skills with sophisticated technologies and software through the ACELAB, while students studying Finance will hone their skills in the world-class Hughey Center for Financial Services, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with a trading room that give students firsthand exposure to techniques in trading, portfolio construction and risk management.

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