Best MBA program

What's the best MBA program for you?

Businesses today are looking for a new kind of business leader, and the best MBA program will respond by training professionals to meet this demand. Today's leading companies want leaders who have deep expertise, who are grounded in technology, who possess a global perspective and who have a commitment to the kind of ethical behavior required to lead in today's complex business environment. The best MBA programs in the country are preparing students to enter this new business world by equipping them with practical and transferrable skills in business and technology.

When you're looking for the best MBA program for you, consider Bentley University – a nationally ranked business school in Boston.

Bentley University: one of the nation's best MBA program options.

Bentley University is located within the greater Boston area and offers graduate and undergraduate degrees with a business focus. Bentley's McCallum Graduate School of Business is one of the best business graduate schools in the nation and offers several MBA degrees:

  • The Bentley MBA is one of the best one year MBA programs and is designed for mid-career executives who already have significant business experience. This 11-month program helps build stronger individual leadership skills by focusing on the themes of Innovation, Value, Environments and Leadership.
  • The Emerging Leaders MBA is a two-year, full-time program intended for students who have relatively little or no business experience. This MBA program provides a solid foundation on which students can build by taking advanced courses and various concentrations.
  • The Professional MBA is designed for students who want to continue working while they work toward a masters degree. Classes are held after work hours and students may take courses online. The Professional MBA is intended to be a part-time program, but students may also study full-time or at whatever pace is best for them.
  • The MS+MBA program combines the emerging leaders MBA and an MS in Information Technology, enabling students to earn a dual degree in 21 months by studying full-time.

In addition to offering some of the best MBA programs, Bentley also offers MS degrees in business, where students may get a Masters in Marketing, a degree in Finance or a Financial Planning degree, among others.

A program that supports MBA grads with one of the best alumni networks.

One of the reasons Bentley is known as a premier MBA university is its track record in job placement for MBA grads. Students may intern with some of the most innovative companies in Boston and enter the workforce with many contacts, thanks to one of the best and strongest alumni networks in the country.

Learn more about Bentleys programs to decide which is the best program for you.