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Bentley University offers a leading business MBA program.

Looking for the right business MBA program for you? Consider the MBA options available at Bentley University, a leading graduate business school located minutes from Boston, MA. Bentley's nationally ranked programs are preparing students to meet the demand for a new kind of leadership in the business community: leaders who are savvy about technology, who have a global perspective on business strategy and who possess a strong sense of accountability and high ethical standards.

Situated on 163 acres just west of Boston, Bentley's campus combines the colonial quaintness of many New England colleges with state-of-the-art technology and proximity to the vibrant business community in Boston.

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Bentley offers a number of Boston MBA programs, ensuring you can find the right business MBA program for you.

For working professionals with more than five years experience who want to develop stronger leadership skills and business acumen, the Bentley MBA program offers an 11-month intensive program with a highly innovative curriculum featuring four integrated themes that enables students to see first-hand how successful companies, not-for-profits and government agencies develop the practices that transform their organizations.

For students with little to no business background, the Emerging Leaders MBA program provides a solid foundation in business in the first year and enables students to narrow their focus with advanced courses in concentrations in the second year. Students may also get a dual degree by combining the Emerging Leaders MBA with the focused expertise of an MS degree in one of six business disciplines including finance and marketing analytics.

Students who want to remain working while they get a degree can enroll in the Professional MBA, which offers courses after work hours and online and can be completed at a comfortable pace.

Bentley's program combines innovative MBA courses with the latest business technology.

Bentley is renowned for the integration of technology and education. Students in a business MBA program at Bentley have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities and the latest college technology. The Trading Room at the Hughey Center for Financial Services gives students firsthand experience in financial concepts such as trading, risk management and portfolio construction, and is one of the largest and most advanced facilities of its kind. The Howard A. Winer Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement (ACELAB) gives accounting students firsthand experience with the technologies that are shaping the accounting profession. And the Center for Marketing Technology provides students with the opportunity to study the use of technology in marketing strategy and execution.

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