Colleges in Massachusetts

Colleges in Massachusetts offer students a wealth of experiences.

Colleges in Massachusetts have a lot to offer. Home to many of the country's best educational institutions, Massachusetts offers access both to the many cultural and business resources of the Boston area as well as the bucolic campuses of central and western Massachusetts.

Students looking at business colleges in Massachusetts will find innovative and nationally ranked programs at Bentley University, one of the only business-focused universities in Boston and Massachusetts.

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Bentley University: a leader among business colleges in Massachusetts.

One of the nation's leading business colleges, Bentley prepares graduates to be the next generation of smart, nimble and compassionate leaders. With an emphasis on technology, liberal arts and ethical behavior, Bentley trains students to have the superior business skills, deep technical expertise, broad global perspective and high ethical standards that today's employers value highly.

Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, just 10 minutes from Boston's business district, Bentley is one of the few colleges in Massachusetts focused primarily on business. While most of Bentley's 4,000 undergraduate students are working toward business degrees, such as an accounting degree or finance degree, they also take approximately half their courses in liberal arts studies, helping them to cultivate a broader understanding of the world and to be more creative in solving business challenges.

Benefits of Bentley over other Massachusetts business schools and colleges.

Bentley offers many benefits over other business colleges in Massachusetts and the nation.

  • An advanced business curriculum. Developed in consultation with leading businesses and employers, Bentley's curriculum offers advanced instruction in business while integrating technology and the liberal arts, to provide students with highly marketable skills.
  • Wide choice of majors. Bentley offers Bachelor of Science degrees in 11 business fields and Bachelor of Arts degrees in eight disciplines. Students may also minor in a variety of disciplines to tailor their education to their needs and interests.
  • Commitment to socially responsible enterprise. Bentley is a leader among business colleges in instilling in students a commitment to a higher standard of ethical behavior.
  • Job opportunities. Recruiting programs bring more than 1,200 job opportunities to Bentley students each year and more than 90% of students engage in at least one internship during their studies.
  • Leading graduate programs. Students interested in graduate studies have access to the McCallum School of Business, where they have a choice of several MBA and MS programs including the Bentley MBA, a business MBA program that is one of the most innovative masters programs in Boston for mid-career executives.

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