Experiential learning

Experiential learning is the norm at Bentley University.

When you get a business degree from Bentley University in Boston, you won't be spending all your time in the classroom. While Bentley features an innovative curriculum and an outstanding faculty, a significant part of a Bentley education takes place outside the classroom in a variety of experiential learning programs. From field-based projects for some of America's leading companies to internships in the Boston area and abroad, Bentley's experiential learning opportunities give you the kind of firsthand experience you won't find in other Massachusetts colleges and business schools. Ultimately, experiential learning at Bentley helps you build the kind of skills that are more attractive to top employers.

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Experiential learning shapes undergraduate degrees.

Experiential learning programs are part of what makes Bentley one of the top business schools in the nation. Bentley is dedicated to training a new kind of business leader: one that combines a strong business foundation with deep skills in technology, a broad global perspective and a commitment to a higher standard of ethical behavior and social responsibility. Experiential learning programs at Bentley further this mission through:

  • Service-learning projects in the local community or at global sites like Ghana and Haiti, where students put their classroom skills to work to provide assistance to local populations. Students in the accounting programs, for example, might provide tax assistance to low income families while other students may help teach conversational English skills to men and women in a local homeless shelter.
  • Corporate partnerships that offer students the chance to work on experiential education projects with companies like Apple, Converse and Mazda, tackling real business challenges and presenting solutions to top managers.
  • Internships in all of our programs including the Masters in Marketing or Masters in Taxation provide valuable real world experience learning to work with a wide variety of people and making connections that can benefit them after graduation.
  • Education abroad, where students can study and learn about a culture far different from their own. These programs offer significant opportunities for hands-on learning as well as intellectual growth, personal development, language acquisition and career building.

Experiential education for graduate students.

Students in Bentley's graduate school of business also participate in remarkable experiential learning projects. Students in the Emerging Leaders MBA program, for example, participate in two experiential learning projects: the first steeps them in business process management for a particular company while the second requires them to deliver a strategic plan to an executive client. And students in the Bentley MBA, an 11-month program for mid-career executives, participate in three field-based learning projects at companies around the world.

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