Finance degree

A finance degree creates opportunities in the business world.

A finance degree can open doors to a variety of professions in the business world. From financial analysts to corporate finance and investment banking, a finance degree can provide the specific skill sets that are in great demand by wide variety of organizations.

When considering which school to choose for your bachelors or Masters in Finance, remember that more businesses today are seeking individuals who combine deep technical expertise, strong problem solving skills and a global perspective on the many challenges facing organizations in the 21st century. That's why so many students in search of a finance degree choose Bentley University.

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Get a finance degree from one of the nation's best business schools.

One of the few Massachusetts colleges that focuses primarily on business studies, Bentley University is ranked as one of the best business schools in the country. What sets Bentley apart is its innovative business curriculum, an emphasis on training in sophisticated technology, and the inclusion of classes in the liberal arts that provide students with the broader perspective and cross disciplinary skill set so many businesses are seeking today.

Bentley provides several options for a finance degree:

  • Undergraduates may major in finance, where they will gain a solid background in financial principles and practices and build a broad array of analytical skills as part of their degree.
  • Masters students may pursue an MBA in Finance. Bentley offers both full-time and part-time MBAs where students can choose a concentration in finance that provides them with a broad understanding of investment and financing-related issues. Massachusetts MBA degree students have access to the rich resources of the Boston business community, where many students choose to intern and many graduates find work after graduation.
  • Bentley also offers a Masters of Science in Finance degree, providing graduates with deep expertise in the theories and applications of finance in the corporate and nonprofit world.

In addition to finance degrees, Bentley offers a wide range of MS degrees in other disciplines, including a Masters in Taxation, Accountancy, Financial Planning, Information Technology, and more. And mid-career executives seeking a one year MBA university experience will find one of the country's most innovative programs in the Bentley MBA.

A degree with state-of-the-art technology in finance, accounting and more.

Students pursuing a finance degree at Bentley have access to world-class technology and learning centers on campus. The Trading Room at the Hughey Center for Financial Services gives students firsthand exposure to financial techniques in portfolio construction, risk management and trading. Bentley also features world-class facilities in accounting software, marketing technology, design and usability, and more.

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