Graduate business schools

The best graduate business schools today are training more prepared leaders.

Graduate business schools today must offer a different kind of education to be responsive to the needs of the business world. Companies are seeking a new kind of business leader – one that is more technology-focused, with a broader perspective on a globalized marketplace, and who feels accountable to higher standards of ethics in business behavior. The best graduate business schools understand these trends and have adapted their curriculum to produce leaders who can successfully enter and lead in this new marketplace.

For students seeking this kind of cutting-edge graduate business education, Bentley University in Boston is one of the nation's leading business schools.

Bentley University: one of nation's leading graduate business schools.

Located on a classic New England campus within a vibrant educational community that features more than 50 colleges in Boston, Bentley University is home to one of the country's most innovative graduate schools. The McCallum Graduate School of Business is widely recognized for its commitment to producing prepared leaders. Combining a dynamic curriculum, state-of-the-art campus facilities and a culture that fosters progressive thinking, Bentley offers several Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science degree that successfully prepare graduate students to serve as highly effective business leaders.

Bentley's graduate school offer students:

  • A curriculum designed to meet both the needs of the student and demands of the business world, with courses and experiential education that emphasize innovation, technology, change management and leadership.
  • A faculty informed by real-world experience, leading-edge research and a passion for education.
  • A commitment to infusing education with state-of-the-art technology, preparing students to enter the workforce with a deep understanding of how technology can solve complex challenges.
  • Access to many of Boston's business leaders and most innovative companies, through internships, campus events and guest lectures.
  • Job opportunities contacts through campus recruitment and the professional network created by Bentley's 30 years of successful alumni.

The school's wide choice in graduate programs better prepares you for a business career.

Bentley's MBA and MS programs are among the finest degrees offered by business schools in the U.S.

Bentley's MBAs include both full-time and part-time programs that can be completed in less than a year or at a more comfortable pace, and programs that serve students with no business experience as well as students with significant experience. The school's masters of science programs offer in-depth education that provides students with deep expertise in virtually every aspect of the business world. Students may earn a masters in taxation, accountancy, financial planning, marketing analytics and other disciplines.

Learn more now about Bentley's graduate business schools and discover which is the best MBA program or MS degree for you.