Graduate programs in Boston

Graduate programs in Boston offer business students many advantages.

As you're looking at business schools for your masters degree, graduate programs in Boston have a lot to offer. While the city has always been a hub of education and intellectual pursuits, in recent decades Boston has developed into a world-class business center with many leading companies in the fields of finance, healthcare, technology and other industries. For the business student, graduate programs in Boston not only offer access to the city's rich cultural resources, but to some of the great business leaders and most innovative companies in the U.S. Students attending graduate programs in Boston frequently have the opportunity to intern with leading businesses and non-profits during their studies and to interview with these same companies after graduation.

For a business degree from one of the best graduate programs in Boston, consider a masters degree from Bentley University.

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Bentley University's graduate programs in Boston are among the nation's best.

Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, 10 minutes west of Boston's financial district, has one of the nation's top undergraduate business schools and ranks among the best graduate schools in Boston. Bentley's mission is to develop a new kind of business leader: one who possesses both the deep technical expertise required in an IT-driven world as well as the broad global perspective that businesses need to compete in an increasingly globalized economy. Bentley also places strong emphasis on ethics and social responsibility, believing the world needs more leaders who hold themselves and their organizations accountable to higher standards.

Bentley's graduate programs in Boston include both Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs and Masters of Science (MS) programs. Bentley's programs are distinguished from other business-focused universities in Boston and the nation by:

  • An advanced business curriculum that includes courses in communications and the arts and sciences to give students a cross-disciplinary perspective on business challenges in a global economy.
  • A faculty equally passionate about classroom education and business research.
  • A commitment to integrating technology into the curriculum and the classroom, preparing students to use technology to solve real world business challenges.
  • A robust alumni network of successful graduates who provide students with support and contacts following graduation.

Boston-based field programs let you graduate with work experience.

Experiential education plays a significant role in Bentley's degree programs. These field-based programs in Boston and other local business districts prepare students to make an immediate impact for their employer after graduation by providing hands-on experience at solving real world business challenges. Students get experience with diverse personalities and perspectives and with building concrete and transferrable skills that will appeal to potential employers.

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