Graduate schools in Boston

Get your business degree from one of the best graduate schools in Boston.

Considering graduate schools in Boston for your business degree? Bentley University, located just minutes from Boston's business center, is home to one of the most highly respected graduate schools in Boston and the U.S.

The graduate school at Bentley University has a rich history of preparing students for the ever-changing complexities of global business. Students looking to launch a career, advance in their chosen field or break into a new industry benefit from Bentley's Boston area graduate degree offerings, including:.

  • An intensive 11-month business MBA program for mid-career executives.
  • A two-year Emerging Leaders MBA program for students with relatively little business background or work experience, which may include concentrations in up to two disciplines.
  • A Professional MBA program designed for the working professional, where classes are offered online and during off-work hours.
  • Masters of Science degrees that give students deep expertise and graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines, including nationally ranked accounting programs, a Masters in Marketing analytics and more.

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Bentley University ranks high among graduate schools in Boston and the nation.

Bentley University is one of the few graduate schools or colleges in Massachusetts where the vast majority of students earn a degree in business. Many of Bentley's programs have received national recognition and are ranked among the best in the country. And Bentley's dedication to integrating technology and education is reflected in surveys that rank Bentley #3 in the country for schools with "State-of-the-Art Campus Facilities."

One of the things that distinguishes Bentley from other graduate schools in Boston is its emphasis on experiential learning. Students in most programs participate in field-based projects that provide them with real world experiences in solving business challenges. Students in the Emerging Leaders MBA program are required to participate in two projects, one focused on business process management and the other on a delivering a strategic plan for an executive client.

Boston offers graduate students access to leading companies and schools.

In addition to an excellent education, one of the advantages of studying at Bentley, one of the top graduate schools in Boston is the access it provides to a world-class business center and a city with rich cultural and educational resources. Boston is not only home to some of the world's most prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT, but some of the leading companies in industries such as health care, finance, technology and more. Students in Bentley's graduate programs have frequent access to some of the region's best business minds as well as internships at some highly innovative companies.

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