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As the business world becomes increasingly driven by data, employees with an IT degree are in ever greater demand. Organizations in virtually every industry require IT professionals who can manage the information systems in place today and prepare to implement the IT systems companies will need to compete in the marketplace of tomorrow. Employees with a Masters in Information Technology or a similar IT degree from a leading graduate business school have access to a wealth of career opportunities and a wide range of companies.

For an IT degree from a program that is ranked among the top 20 in the nation, consider the masters programs available at Bentley University.

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Bentley University is a leading business school in Boston that offers both a Masters of Science in Information Technology and two MBA degrees with a concentration in information systems and technology.

In 2012, Bentley's MS in Information Technology was ranked among the top 20 programs nationally and #3 in New England by U.S. News and World Report. The program prepares students for careers that require deep knowledge of information systems as well as an understanding of the global business environment. The degree enables graduates to work for or lead teams that implement IT-based solutions in diverse and technically complex environments. Graduates of Bentley's MS in IT degree program often go on to work as consultants, business analysts, system architects, system analysts or project managers.

Students interested in an MBA degree with an IT focus can earn their degree in one of two programs. The Emerging Leaders MBA degree is a fulltime program intended for students with relatively little or no previous work experience, while the Professional MBA degree is a part-time MBA program designed for the working professional, offering courses online and after work hours to minimize the time away from the workplace. In both degree programs, students may choose up to two concentrations, including a concentration in information systems and technology. Bentley's MBA programs with an IT concentration prepare students for careers in IT consulting, information and data management, and IT systems development management.

A graduate degree program that integrates IT into the classroom.

Situated on classic New England campus just minutes from Boston's central business district and technology hub, Bentley is renowned for integrating college technology into the classroom and providing students with state-of-the art facilities where they gain firsthand experience in the sophisticated technology they will encounter in the workplace. Bentley's facilities feature a number of world-class, high-tech learning centers that include a design and usability lab, a center for marketing technology, a trading room, and more.

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