Liberal arts major

Earn your degree with a liberal studies or liberal arts major at Bentley University.

Students interested in a liberal studies or liberal arts major for their undergraduate degree will find a very unique opportunity at Bentley University, a leading business school in Boston, Massachusetts (MA).

Bentley's liberal studies degree is an optional second major program that pairs a major in a business discipline with courses in the arts and sciences, allowing students to earn a second major in four years. This innovative liberal arts or liberal studies program provides students with a competitive edge by enhancing their ability to think critically, creatively and analytically.

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A liberal studies or liberal arts major informed by business studies.

Bentley's liberal arts major is distinctive among MA colleges and undergraduate business schools. While traditional liberal arts programs offer intensive study a particular field such as history, philosophy or political science, Bentley's liberal studies major cuts across many areas of the arts and sciences, including media arts in society, ethics and social responsibility, global perspectives and issues related to the environment. Student selecting the liberal studies major also select a major in one of Bentley's 11 Bachelor of Science degrees. The combination of the breadth of the liberal studies or liberal arts major with the depth of the business major equips Bentley graduates with a global perspective and broader skill set that are very compelling to potential employers.

Students may choose one of seven concentrations for their liberal studies major:

  • American studies
  • Earth, environment and global sustainability
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Global perspectives
  • Health and industry
  • Media arts in society
  • Quantitative perspectives

These multidisciplinary programs of study enable students to make connections across courses and disciplines, and to meaningfully discuss and write about the insights and they have gained through their studies.

Liberal choices for majors and minors with Bentley's bachelor degrees.

Students choosing Bentley's liberal studies major, similar to a liberal arts major, must pair it with a bachelor of science degree in a broad array of disciplines, including Accounting programs, Computer Information Systems, Corporate Finance and Accounting, Finance, Information Design and Corporate Communication, Management, Marketing, and more.

Students who want to pursue a Masters in Business or a Masters in Finance will find many options at Bentley, where they may choose from three MBA programs, seven MS degrees and a combination MS+ MBA degree in information technology.

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