Masters in Finance

Get your Masters in finance from a nationally ranked business school.

If you're considering a career in business finance, a Masters in Finance degree from a renowned business school can help advance your career more quickly and open doors to more competitive positions.

A Masters in Finance program will help you develop both a broad understanding of investment and financing-related issues in corporate finance, as well as the analytic and critical thinking skills needed to solve complex financial challenges. A truly superior Masters in Finance degree will also provide you with the skills that are most in demand in today's increasingly technological and globalized economy: the ability to leverage technology, to understand the tradeoffs between risk and return in a complex global marketplace, and a commitment to high ethical standards needed to succeed in today's business environment.

For a Masters in Finance degree from a nationally ranked program and one of the best business colleges in Boston, come to Bentley University.

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Bentley university: a Masters in Finance with state-of-the art technology.

Located just minutes from Boston's financial district, Bentley University offers a Masters of Science in Finance and an MBA degree with a concentration in finance.

Bentley's MS in Finance integrates mathematics, economics, accounting and associated disciplines with the theories and application of finance and business. Masters students gain hands on experience with state-of-the-art technology in the Trading Room of the world-class Hughey Center for Financial Services, where students study trading, portfolio construction, risk management and corporate finance concepts. In addition to a Masters in finance, Bentley also offers a financial planning degree as well as degrees in taxation and accountancy.

Bentley's MBA in Finance can be achieved through the Emerging Leaders MBA, a two-year program for students with little or no business background, or through the Professional MBA, a part-time program for students who are already working and who want to remain in their jobs while earning a degree. In either program, students can elect to take a concentration in finance that provides a broad understanding of investment, the purpose and functions of financial markets and institutions, and appropriate ways to evaluate tradeoffs between risk and return.

Benefits of a Masters of Science or MBA in Finance from Bentley.

When you get a Masters of Finance degree at Bentley, you will receive:

  • A top notch education. A highly innovative curriculum, along with an excellent and passionate faculty, help prepare Bentley graduates to be successful leaders in a rapidly changing business environment. Building on a solid business foundation, Bentley provides students with the deep technical skills, the broad global perspective and the high ethical standards that are in demand by leading organizations.
  • Training in the latest technology. Bentley is highly recognized for its commitment to integrating technology into the classroom and training students in the kind of sophisticated tools they will encounter in the workplace. In addition to the trading room, Bentley's other state-of-the-art facilities include a design and usability lab, a center for marketing technology, a media and culture lab, and much more.
  • Help with job placement. Bentley's career services office and strong alumni network provide masters students with a distinctive advantage as they enter the job market.

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