MBA in Boston

Get an MBA in Boston at Bentley University.

For students seeking a Masters in Business Administration degree, getting an MBA in Boston offers distinct advantages. As a world-class hub of education and intellectual pursuits, Boston has produced many of the world's great business leaders. Boston is also a center of innovation and business activity, with leading companies and non-profits in many industries including finance, technology, healthcare and marketing. Students frequently have access to many great business minds and internships while getting their MBA in Boston, as well as the opportunity to work for some remarkable companies once they have finished their studies.

But even more important than the location of an MBA program is the quality of its faculty and curriculum. And that's why so many students seeking an MBA in Boston come to Bentley University.

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Bentley University offers a more rewarding MBA in Boston.

Located not far from Boston's financial district and business center, Bentley University has a reputation as one of the nation's best graduate business schools. Bentley's MBA program is distinguished by:

  • An innovative curriculum that includes real-world experience and combines business courses with those in the social sciences and communication, giving students the kind of broad perspective and critical thinking skills that are highly valued by today's employers in Boston and throughout the world.
  • A top-notch faculty comprised of professors with strong business backgrounds who are active in business research.
  • A focus on technology that enables graduates to adeptly work with the cutting edge technologies that are reshaping the workplace and the marketplace.
  • Experiential education projects that let students work side-by-side with business professionals to solve real world business challenges and give graduates experience in project management methods and tools for both for-profit and non-profit environments.
  • A track record of successful job placement in Boston and elsewhere, thanks to Bentley's strong reputation and an active alumni network that gives graduates a head start in the competition for jobs.
  • A diverse student body of highly motivated learners who spur each other on to greater achievement and who represent a wide variety of different perspectives and cultures.

A choice of MBA programs in Boston.

Bentley's MBA offers several graduate programs in Boston designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners. The Bentley MBA is an 11-month full-time program designed for professionals who already have significant business experience, while the Emerging Leaders MBA is a two-year program for students with little or no business background. The Professional MBA is a part-time MBA program designed for students who want to remain in their jobs in the Boston area while they pursue a Masters degree.

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