MBA program

Bentley University - a visionary MBA program for today's complex business world.

The business world today is changing more quickly than ever, with technology and globalization creating new opportunities, new markets and new business models. To be successful, future business leaders will need a new set of skills – and a new kind of MBA program.

Bentley University, which has one of the nation's leading graduate business schools, offers a highly creative and flexible MBA program that provides students with deep technical skills, a broad global perspective and the high ethical standards needed to make a difference in an ever-changing business environment.

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Flexible options ensure the right MBA program for you.

Located minutes west of Boston and Cambridge – significant hubs of business, education and technological innovation – Bentley University offers several MBA programs with multiple curricular options.

Whether you're entering the business world for the first time and want a full-time MBA program, or you're an experienced business professional seeking new skills in a part-time MBA, whether you want to stay in your current career or are seeking an MBA as a foundation for a career in another field, Bentley has an MBA program that will meet your needs.

Each MBA program at Bentley integrates core business courses with advanced technical training and courses that develop skills such as leadership and communication, giving graduates the skills to better help them solve today's problems and meet tomorrow's challenges.

Why choose a Bentley program for your MBA degree?

An MBA from Bentley offers many advantages over other programs. When you choose a Bentley MBA program, you'll have access to:

  • A dynamic curriculum developed by faculty and often informed by corporate partners with industry experience, combining hard technical and professional skills with cultural, social, and management training,. This integrated curriculum, grounded in technology, includes multiple disciplines that ensure students graduate with a stronger preparation and the contextual understanding needed to solve problems in a complex business environment.
  • Leading faculty focused equally on teaching and research, with achievements both in the business and education world and who are constantly creating and advancing new knowledge to apply to real world problems.
  • Technology centers that give students exceptional skills in cutting edge solutions.
  • Field-based learning. Bentley's experiential learning and corporate immersion projects place MBA candidates in business settings in innovative fields where they can solve real business challenges and gain practical and relevant experience.
  • A strong alumni network that can provide graduates with information interviews, professional advice and invaluable contacts.
  • Diverse set of peers. MBA students live and work with other highly motivated students from the U.S. and abroad, providing exposure to a variety of cultures and perspectives.

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