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Bentley University in Boston: a nationally ranked MBA university program.

Bentley University, located on a classic New England campus just minutes outside of Boston, has earned a reputation as one of the nation's leading business schools and an innovative MBA university.

One of the best graduate schools in Boston, Bentley University's mission is to train a new kind of business leader: one with the broad global perspective that leading companies are seeking today, along with deep technical expertise to solve complex business challenges, and a strong commitment to ethical behavior needed to make a difference in today's business world.

Students completing their MBA university studies at Bentley have access to a wealth of resources. Bentley's state-of-the-art campus facilities include world-class learning labs that provide students with training in the sophisticated technologies they will encounter in the workplace. Bentley's faculty excels both at inspiring university students in the classroom and advancing the field of education through research. And Bentley's alumni form a strong support network of contacts for MBA students as they graduate.

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Bentley offers three MBA university programs that cater to the needs of different students:

  • The Emerging Leaders MBA program provides students who have little to no business background with a strong foundation in business studies and the chance to specialize in one of eight concentrations.
  • The Professional MBA program offers working professionals a way to complete their MBA university studies while remaining in their current job. Classes are offered after work hours and via the web, and students may be eligible to receive credit for skills they have developed on the job.
  • The Bentley MBA provides mid-career executives with an option to acquire an MBA in an 11-month intensive program.

Other MBA and MS programs at Bentley University.

Bentley offers a joint MS+MBA degree in information technology, designed for students who want to play a leadership role in world class, tech-savvy organizations. This program combines the broad perspective of the Bentley MBA with the deep technical skills of a Masters in Science in IT.

Bentley's MS degrees in business provide specialized training in a variety of fields where students can get, for example, a Masters in Taxation or a Masters in Accounting.

Students looking for the deep skills of a finance degree can pursue a Masters in Finance or a Masters in Financial Planning at Bentley.

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