One year MBA programs

One year MBA programs offer accelerated learning environments.

For high achieving professionals who want to advance their business careers, one year MBA programs offer an accelerated educational environment. Through full-time, year-round study, students in one year MBA programs can add the credentials they need to move up within their organization or take the next step in their career path.

The best one year MBA programs today are responding to demand from the business community for a new kind of business leader: one that combines a global perspective with deep technical understanding and abilities, as well as a strong commitment to accountability and ethical behavior.

Bentley University, one of the leading graduate schools in Boston and the nation, provides one of the most innovative one year MBA programs available to students today.

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The Bentley MBA: one of the nation's most innovative one year MBA programs.

Located just minutes outside Boston, Massachusetts (MA), Bentley is one of the few MA colleges that is predominantly focused on business.

The Bentley MBA is an 11-month business MBA program for students who already have at least five years of professional business experience. Designed for the mid-career executive, this one year MBA program admits a select group of highly motivated men and women who bring unique experiences and perspectives from around the world. The Bentley MBA combines interactive studio learning with field-based collaborations throughout the world that help students build the leadership skills necessary for solving the tough, interdisciplinary problems they are likely to face the workplace.

The MBA is divided into four 10-week programs, focusing on leadership, innovation, value, and environments. Through these intensive sessions, students will develop personal leadership skills, learn how to design aggressive business responses to changing demographics and social trends, learn what globalism means a business context, and develop the skills to lead in a complex and evolving business world.

Other programs for MBA students who have more than one year to study.

In addition to one year MBA programs, Bentley offers several other programs that may be completed in more than one year.

The emerging leaders MBA program is a two-year program that is best suited for students who have little to no business background. The professional MBA is a designed as a part-time MBA for students who want to remain in their job while they advance their education, though the program can be completed more quickly with full-time study if students desire. Bentley also offers the MS+MBA, a 21-month program that combines the emerging leaders MBA with a Masters of Science in IT, and is one of the best MBA program options for students who want to be leaders in world-class, tech savvy organizations.

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