Undergraduate business schools

Undergraduate business schools provide a foundation for a wide variety of careers.

For students considering a career in business, undergraduate business schools offer an excellent place to start. Undergraduate business schools provide students with a broad foundation in business studies as well as the chance to focus on one or more specific areas of business expertise.

As the business world today grows more globalized and technologically focused, the best undergraduate business schools are responding by offering students an education that goes beyond traditional business studies to include deep training in technology and a broad education in the arts and sciences. And that's exactly what you'll find at Bentley University, one of the nation's leading undergraduate business schools, located in Waltham, Massachusetts (MA).

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Bentley University – one of the nation's leading undergraduate business schools.

Bentley University in MA is a leading school of business situated on a classic New England campus just minutes west of Boston. Bentley's undergraduate programs offer an excellent foundation in business and the opportunity to major in one of 11 business disciplines, graduating with an accounting and finance degree, for example. Bentley also offers eight Bachelor of Arts majors, and students may minor in a wide variety of subjects to tailor their undergraduate education to their interests and needs.

Additionally, Bentley has one of the best graduate business schools the country, with a choice of several business MBA programs that enable students to study full-time or part-time.

Combining undergraduate courses in business, arts and science is the school's strength.

Bentley is unique among MA colleges and other business schools for its emphasis on technology and liberal arts. In addition to an innovative business curriculum, Bentley offers a wide variety of courses in the arts and sciences designed to provide students with a broader perspective on business challenges and more creative ability to solve problems in the workplace.

Bentley's unique Liberal Studies Major provides students with a truly distinctive undergraduate education. Students pair the Liberal Studies Major with a primary major in business or in a Bachelor of Arts major, earning a second major in four years. The school's Liberal Studies Major helps students build meaningful connections across disciplines as they delve deeply into their primary area of concentration while exploring broadly in a variety of courses in the arts and sciences. Students take the same number of courses as in a single major, but add a second credential to their undergraduate business degree, helping them stand out to potential employers.

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