Universities in Boston

Bentley University: a leading business school among universities in Boston.

It's not hard to find world-class universities in Boston. From Harvard to MIT to Boston University, the city is full of some of the world's most prestigious colleges and universities. But when it comes to a business education, there's one school that stands out among Massachusetts colleges and universities in Boston: Bentley University, a nationally ranked business school that offers graduate and undergraduate students a wide range of choices for business study.

Bentley offers more degree options than other universities in Boston.

Located just 10 minutes west of Boston, Bentley University is home to one of the best graduate and undergraduate business schools in the country. Bentley's business degrees combine an innovative curriculum in business with training in the latest technology and courses in communication, history, the social sciences , and other liberal arts disciplines. Along with an emphasis on ethics and social responsibility, this cross-disciplinary curriculum is designed to develop a new kind of business leader: one with deep technical expertise, a broader global perspective, critical thinking skills and a high standard of ethical behavior, qualities that are highly valued by companies throughout the world.

Bentley offers a number of degrees with a business focus:

  • Undergraduates may choose from a wide variety of majors, including a liberal arts major. Most students major in business but the curriculum includes a broad range of subjects to ensure a well-rounded education.
  • Graduate students may choose from one of three MBA programs. The Bentley MBA is a one-year program for mid-career executives. The Emerging Leaders MBA is a two-year program for students at the beginning of their business careers. And in the Professional MBA, Boston-area students can enroll part-time, taking classes online or after work hours and potentially getting credit for previous studies or work experience.
  • Students may also elect to earn an MS degree in a variety of disciplines that include accounting, finance, financial planning, information technology and more. These programs combine the best elements of a specialist and generalist programs and offer flexible course scheduling to allow students to continue in their professional careers while earning their graduate degree.

Universities and colleges in Boston offer access to leading businesses and business leaders.

Students working on a Massachusetts MBA or attending universities in Boston have a wealth of resources available to them and Bentley students are no exception. From internships at leading companies to classroom lectures by leading business executives, Bentley students have access to some of the most innovative thinking in Boston's business community. Boston also provides rich cultural opportunities and additional educational resources through the more than 50 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area.

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