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The PreparedU Project has launched and the reaction has been impressive. See the video and join the discussion.

Why aren't graduates workforce ready? Bentley launches PreparedU Project to bridge gap between employers and higher education.

The PreparedU Project, launched in fall 2013 by Bentley University, will convene a national dialogue on how the nation can successfully prepare college graduates for today’s workforce.

The higher education model has been called into question as many college graduates struggle to find gainful employment, and employers question whether graduates have the necessary skills needed to succeed in the workplace. The PreparedU Project will provide a rare opportunity for the business community, parents, higher education, the media and millennials to discuss the challenges that millennials face in today’s job market and identify solutions to better prepare them for success.

Bentley University’s fused academic approach, which blends broad-based learning and professional skills development, has led to a proven track record of success for graduates. Through PreparedU, Bentley will address several key aspects of the “skills gap” issue and bring other voices into this conversation to make a change.


Are they prepared for the workforce?  Or does the workforce need to prepare for them?

Preliminary finding from the Preparedness Survey conducted by KRC Research and commissioned by Bentley provided the foundation for the panel conversation at the Bloomberg Business Summit on November 20, 2013.

  • Survey respondents were asked to define “preparedness” in their own words. 
  • The answers encompassed the following key categories: Education, Skills, Work Ethic, Experience, Personal Traits.
  • Respondents also rated the importance of various skills related to success in the workplace.
  • The top 5 skills identified were: Integrity, Professionalism, Positive Attitude, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking.


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What do millennials want in their careers? What are employers offering? The PreparedU project highlights these and other issues that need to be addressed.

The PreparedU project will feature Bentley University’s groundbreaking Preparedness Survey conducted by KRC Research, which uncovers the “Why, what and how” behind the millennial generation’s challenges in the 21st century workforce. These results will serve as a springboard for a wide-ranging conversaion and a call to action for stakeholders to find innovative ways to prepare millennials for career success.

Through in-depth interviews with business leaders, corporate recruiters, higher education influencers, college students, alumni and parents, Bentley’s research dissects the preparedness gap for millennials entering the work force. Results will highlight data behind the view of the current higher education model. Topics examined will include the perceptions of millennials in the working world, the impact of preparedness on the economy, how well colleges are equipped to deal with this issue, and potential solutions to close the skills gap.

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