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BostInno June 15, 2017

Bentley McCallum Graduate School of Business MBA student discusses his new pet focused social media company, GoPetite.

by Meredith Mason  May 15, 2017

To celebrate Bentley’s Centennial Class of 2017, we talked with graduates with connections to past commencements.

TOPICS: News, Alumni
by Kristin Livingston  May 8, 2017

Clear eyes. Wings spread. Talons firmly planted. The newest addition to the Bentley campus is a soon-to-be iconic sculpture of the university’s beloved mascot. The falcon was commissioned to honor the centennial and was installed on May 8 behind the library.

TOPICS: Alumni, News, Giving Back
by Meredith Mason  April 21, 2017

President Gloria Larson rang the Nasdaq closing bell on April 20, 2017, to honor Bentley’s centennial year.

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by Kristen Walsh March 16, 2017

Noor Faisal Al-Qatami ’07 used to pass time between her Bentley classes doing what she loved: window shopping at local supermarkets. “I like food products, the way they are merchandised and placed on shelves,” says the former Management major. “It’s an art to have it done in a way that’s attractive and sends a message to the customer.”

by Michael Blanding March 16, 2017

From the moment he was born, Bodhi Bhattarai was charming and inquisitive, talking early and winning over strangers with a big smile.

by As told to Michael Blanding March 16, 2017

A Rare Impact on Improving Lives

by Marcia Frellick March 16, 2017

The statistic that best summarizes why business and health care must join forces may be this one: The United States spends more on health care by far than any other country, but ranks 42nd in global life expectancy.

March 16, 2017

Spotting royals is hardly the only thing to do in this city across the pond.

by Caroline Cruise March 15, 2017

Brooke Jameson ’19 never planned to join the Bentley family, but as soon as she visited campus she knew it was home. She follows in the footsteps of her parents, Ed ’85 and Megan (Zielinski) ’85.