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TOPIC: Alumni


by Kristen Walsh November 10, 2016

A real appetite for risk-taking. Dedication to a core set of values. Leaders who can articulate a vision and enlist others to the cause. The ability to adapt against changes in the world at large. These qualities have marked Bentley from day one and continue to pave the way for innovation.

by Sean Kerrigan November 10, 2016

When Shanell Mosley ’10 was young, her mother taught her the value in giving back. She’s been doing so ever since. Mosley majored in Management, but always knew she wanted to use her business education to do some good. A Bentley internship with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s Boston office gave her a chance to act on the commitment.

November 10, 2016

Weddings, babies, career moves — alumni share their proudest post-Bentley achievements.

by Caroline Cruise November 10, 2016

Meet the Spencers, one of many families with proud ties to Bentley that span generations: Walter ’48; his son, Robert ’77, MST ’85; and Robert’s son and daughter, Jonathan ’07 and Courtney ’09. Each is inspired by the others to make a difference in the world — and determined to continue their Bentley legacy.

by Kristin Livingston November 10, 2016

Her mom passed away when she was 11; her father when she was 18. And yet, when you meet Olivia Corriveau ’18, you see a quiet determination that shines as brightly as her infectious smile — and she can’t help but see her Bentley life in gains, not losses.

by Kristin Livingston November 10, 2016

For so many Bentley donors, their gifts are founded on trust — and transformational goals.

by Kristin Livingston November 10, 2016

“We’ve never heard of ‘business ethics.’” The grant refusal by the National Endowment for the Humanities came swiftly and spoke volumes of the times: It was 1974 and the country under President Richard Nixon was in the thick of the Watergate scandal.

by Ney Peralta '10, as told to Kristin Livingston November 10, 2016

When a Bentley friend passed away after graduation, Ney Peralta '10 wanted to make sure his legacy lived on.

by Kristin Livingston November 10, 2016

The first formal gift to Bentley was Bentley itself. On July 1, 1948, Harry Bentley donated his entire interest in the school to a nonprofit corporation managed by a Board of Trustees. That act has benefited generations of Bentley students, and it aids a greater need that is universal today.

by Leigh Gasper November 4, 2016

Bentley is much more than a school to alumni. It is a living, breathing community with heart and purpose, pride and ambition, personality and big dreams. Every day, in their workplaces, homes and communities, alumni demonstrate what it means to hold a Bentley degree … and why that is a powerful asset in today’s world.