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TOPIC: Innovation


Veloxity, a company founded by Bentley University graduates that creates charging stations, campaigns to end dead cell phones at summer music festivals. 

Waltham News Tribune May 31, 2015

Rick Oches, Bentley professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, discusses the potential physical impacts that my occur from building the local span of the Algonquin Incremental Market pipeline.

Boston Globe May 19, 2015

Bentley's Center for Women and Business is highlighted for issuing a corporate challenge to encourage companies to promote and retain women employees and board members.

by April Lane May 13, 2015

Millennials are eschewing processed and packaged foods — a movement causing product reinvention at some of America's stalwart food brands. 

by Meg Murphy April 21, 2015

In today's workplace, developing the creative process is as crucial for businesspeople as it is for artists.

by Ian Cross April 17, 2015

To stay relevant, higher education needs to give millennial students access to the principal digital tools used in the workplace today.

by April Lane April 15, 2015

Smartphones have made millennials more connected to their jobs than ever, but an "always on" mentality may have harmful consequences for their health.

by Chris Lynch '91 MBA April 10, 2015

Despite the lure of Silicon Valley, this tech leader feels that Boston is exactly the place where he needs to be. 

by Jennifer Wright '16 April 2, 2015

To create a speech with a long shelf-life, every character counts.