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TOPIC: Millennials


Business Insider January 23, 2016

New market analysis commissioned by Bentley and Burning Glass finds the top skills that employers are looking for in 2016.

Biz Philly January 11, 2016

Market research from Bentley's PreparedU Project reveals that 67% of recent graduates desire to start their own business. 

MarketWatch January 4, 2016

Bentley is highlighted for their programs that assist students with discovering STEM fields.

BostInno December 31, 2015

A Bentley student launches a startup that helps users find barbers, book appoints, or have barbers come to them using their mobile app. 

LinkedIn December 30, 2015

Research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project found that employers are looking for graduates with real-world experience shaped by businesses. 

Yahoo! Finance December 29, 2015

Research from Bentley's PreparedU Project reveals how flexible work hours can increase productivity for millennials.

Huffington Post December 29, 2015

Bentley student Michael Liebman is highlighted for his startup LearnLux which provides online tools to teach personal finance skills. 

Fortune December 17, 2015

President Gloria Larson shares the most important leadership lesson she has learned in 2015. 

Mashable December 15, 2015

Research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project is highlighted stating that 77% of millennials say flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age. 

Los Angeles Times December 14, 2015

Associate Vice President of University Career Services Susan Brennan discusses the importance of workplace environment among millennials.