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TOPIC: Millennials


by Gloria Cordes Larson October 8, 2015

Why Bentley University president, Gloria Larson, is confident about the future success of millennials.

TOPICS: Millennials
by Susan Simpson September 23, 2015

How can colleges adapt to the changing student needs of new generations like millennials and Gen Z? Bentley President Gloria Larson offers tips. 

Inc. September 18, 2015

Market research from Bentley's PreparedU Project is used to explain the advantages of hiring Millennials.    

Business Insider September 17, 2015

Senior Lecturing of Marketing and Director of the CMT, Ian Cross, authors this piece authors this piece on how businesses can prepare their future employees before they even graduate college. 

Business Insider September 11, 2015

Bentley’s PreparedU market research is highlighted to shed light on the entrepreneurial mindset of millennials. 

Washington Post September 4, 2015

A study conducted by Bentley’s Center for Women and Business shows that millennials value quality of life and independence over traditional forms of professional recognition.

Entrepreneur August 31, 2015

Research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project debunks the myth that millennials can’t function without social media and smart devices at work.

August 20, 2015

In the fourth and final video of the “Video Viewpoints: Preparing Millennials for Work” series, we’ve compiled insights from university presidents, college seniors, and a CEO on what students can do during their university experience to prepare fo

Inc. August 18, 2015

Market research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project is highlighted stating that 66% of millennials would like to start their own business.

Huffington Post August 18, 2015

PreparedU market research is cited in this piece about what millennial entrepreneurs should know about the reality of creating a startup.