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LATEST STORIES January 12, 2015
President Gloria Larson discusses how Boston’s colleges and universities will play a role in the bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.  
USA Today January 11, 2015
Bentley Professor Steve Weisman authors this piece on the threat of hackers freezing computers for ransom. 
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Boston Globe January 10, 2015
President Gloria Larson is highlighted for her role in bringing universities together for the Boston 2024 Olympic bid. 
Boston Globe January 10, 2015
President Gloria Larson comments on the participation of colleges and universities in the 2024 Boston Olympic bid.
Boston Globe January 9, 2015
Bentley Retail Professor Michael Tesler provides insight to the closing of Louis Boston, a high-end clothing store that operated for 86 years.
TOPICS: Media Coverage January 8, 2015
History Professor Chris Beneke’s research is highlighted in this piece on how sports are infiltrating the everyday practices of American families.
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Politico January 8, 2015
Bentley Economics Professor Scott Sumner is highlighted in this roundup about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement that the Republican-led Congress is the reason for...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
BostInno January 8, 2015
Bentley's McCallum Graduate School is included in U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 Best Online Programs for its...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Psychology Today January 6, 2015
Professor Dan Everett’s field work in Amazonian Pirahã villages is highlighted in this Psychology Today piece.
TIME January 5, 2015
Bentley is listed in TIME's Money section as one of the best colleges for high school seniors to still submit an application to in 2015.