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Campus Technology June 5, 2013

Student Matt Somma authors a piece explaining the rationale behind the creation of the CIS Sandbox.

Huffington Post May 30, 2013

Jay Halfond, research fellow at the Center for Business Ethics, authors a piece on misdeeds committed against organiza

May 29, 2013

Economics Professor Scott Sumner is highlighted for offering a new perspective about fiscal austerity.

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Washington Post May 29, 2013

Economics Professor Scott Sumner offers a new perspective on fiscal austerity during 2013.

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USA Today May 29, 2013

Professor of Mathematical Science Richard Cleary helps analyze the win rate of the Detroit Red Wings.

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New York Times May 28, 2013

Writer (and Millenial) Katie Dries highlights research from Bentley's Center for Women and Business that shows fewer Gen Y women want to follow in the footsteps of female leaders in their places of work.

Bloomberg Radio May 28, 2013

Management and Psychology Professor Aaron Nurick discusses the traits successful workplace managers possess and the research behind his book 

Training Magazine May 24, 2013

Adjunct Management Lecturer Thomas Koulopoulos authors a piece about the future of learning 'in the cloud,' a concept further explained in his book,

Boston Magazine May 19, 2013

Undergraduate Commencement speakers Bert and John Jacobs, co-founders of Life is good, are highlighted among other Boston area commencement speakers for their focus on the importance of kindness and love, pa

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