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LATEST STORIES June 28, 2011

Marketing Professor Raj Sisodia offers insight on the increased incidents of drug companies expanding their marketing strategies to target consumers who might no

Greater Boston June 27, 2011

Marketing Professor Andy Aylesworth is featured on the program Greater Boston discussing Nike's new marketing campaign.

The Chronicle of Higher Education June 26, 2011

Bentley's selection for required reading in First Year Seminar is listed among other top schools' reading choices.

Boston Globe June 26, 2011

Marketing Professor Susan Dobscha offers expertise on the different marketing strategies for targeting young children.

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Yahoo! News June 16, 2011

Bentley University is highlighted for the innovative ways its curriculum integrates business and the liberal arts. Also picked up by other major news outlets including MarketWatch and CNBC.

Wall Street Journal June 16, 2011

Steve Weisman, Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Finance, shares his expertise in a WSJ article.

MedCity News June 16, 2011

Bentley University is highlighted for fostering the goals of students interested in the business of healthcare.

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Wall Street Journal June 16, 2011

Wall Street Journal: Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning Steve Weisman shares his expertise in

Burlington Patch June 14, 2011

A Bentley University sophomore is highlighted for landing a coveted spot on the Boston Cannons dance team for the 2011 season.

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Diverse Education June 13, 2011

Bentley University is among the colleges and universities highlighted for being part of the Consortium for Rebuilding and Improving Higher Education in Haiti.