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The Sacramento Bee June 27, 2013

In the wake of the Supreme Court's historic ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, Associate Professor of Law Marianne DelPo Kulow offers insight on the legal futur

The Daily Free Press June 26, 2013

Bentley and other local universities are highlighted for continuing to require first-year students to take an AlcoholEdu, a program designed to educate students about the risks associated with drinking. 

Bloomberg Radio June 26, 2013

Associate Professor of Political Science Jeff Gulati offers insight on the Massachusetts special Senate election.

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June 25, 2013

Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning Steve Weisman shares the shocking  percenta

June 24, 2013

Dean of Arts and Sciences Daniel Everett is highlighted by one of Germany's leading newspaper for his book, Language: The Cultural Tool, which shares his experiences and discoveries after spending years living with the Pirahã people of Brazil.

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Bloomberg Radio June 21, 2013

David Szymanski, professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, interviews with Bloomberg Radio about why science literacy is important for business students.

Eagle-Tribune June 16, 2013

Professor of Economics John Tommasi authors a piece on how the fishing industry has suffered uninte

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June 16, 2013

Director of the Center for Marketing Technology Ian Cross discusses the recent marketing challenges faced by chambers of commerce.

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New York Times June 12, 2013

President Gloria Larson takes to the New York Times'