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Forbes January 29, 2014

This Forbes piece focuses on the results of Bentley's PreparedU Survey that reveal differing opinions on the importance of ethics in the workplace.

Financial Times January 29, 2014

The results of Bentley's PreparedU Project survey are higlighted, specifically the widespread disagreement between business leaders, young adults and their families over the root causes of the

So-Called Millennial January 29, 2014

Millennial writer Rachel Gall reviews Bentley's new preparedness survey and says she finds "the conclusions compelling and accurate to my own post-college experience in the workplace."  View the study

Business Insider January 29, 2014

Career blogger, Alexandra Levit, who was part of the expert panel during Bentley's PreparedU Project launch event, authors a piece for Business Insider highlighting the solutions to be

Inside Higher Ed January 29, 2014

Insider Higher Ed reviews Bentley's new research results and offers praise for its willingness to address the much-debated issue of whether or not college graduates are truly prepared for the workplace.

Forbes January 29, 2014

Bentley President Gloria Larson notes that the workplace must adapt to take full advantage of all millennials have to offer and author Natalie Burg offers concrete ideas such as merging into mobile, collaboration, and virtual teams.

BostInno January 29, 2014

BostInno highlights Bentley's PreparedU Project survey for the solutions that it offers to the millennial preparedness challenge.

Inc. January 29, 2014 highlights the Bentley preparedness study with a focus on what colleges and businesses should be doing to prepare students for their careers, including partnering to develop workplace- and career-based curriculums.

TSP UK January 27, 2014

The PreparedU Project is highlighted for showcasing how millennials contribute to innovation, company cultures, and the overall workforce. January 26, 2014

Economics professor David Gulley is highlighted for his insight on casinos in the Northeast and how to project their revenue. 

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