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Yahoo! Finance July 19, 2013

Bentley is highlighted for hosting this year's Leaders of Tomorrow Business Case Competition. Winning participants were awarded with $30,000 in scholarship money to their youth programs.

Cyclocross Magazine July 19, 2013

Cyclocross Magazine takes into account Bentley's economic impact study that highlights how many participants stay in Cape Ann during Gloucester's race weekend.

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Boston Globe July 17, 2013

As Sovereign Bank CEO Jorge Moran announces his resignation, his commencement speech at Bentley's Graduate School of Business is highlighted for raising his profile. 

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AccountingWEB July 15, 2013

Curtis Verschoor, research scholar at the Center for Business Ethics, authors a piece about technology companies, such as Google and Apple, purposely avoiding tax measures in

Reuters July 11, 2013

RCW Financial announced the release of an article by Professor of Economics Scott Sumner which responds to

TOPICS: Media Coverage July 10, 2013

Management Professor Rita B. Allen authors a piece on how organizations can effectively retain talent by using a 360-degree anonymous feedback process.

Bloomberg Radio July 10, 2013

Geology Professor David Szymanski discusses President Obama's climate action plan on Bloomberg Radio's The Hays Advantage show.

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Winnipeg Free Press July 8, 2013

Economics Professor Scott Sumner suggests strategies for the Federal Reserve's recovery.  

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Bloomberg Businessweek July 4, 2013

Economics Professor Scott Sumner is credited for his idea that the Fed should adopt a target for growth in to

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