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Montreal Gazette April 22, 2013

History Lecturer Leonid Trofimov provides insight on the conflict surrounding Chechnya, a place of particular interest after the marathon bom

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CBC News April 19, 2013

History Lecturer Leonid Trofimov uses his expertise on Russian history to help answer questions on the cultural backgrounds of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. 

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Inside Higher Ed April 19, 2013

The new book by Bentley faculty advocating for the integration of business and the arts & sciences, Shaping the Future of Business Education, is featured.

Bloomberg Radio April 16, 2013

Senior Lecturer in Economics John Tommasi answers questions regarding the market bouncing back after the Boston Marathon tragedy. 

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Yahoo! Finance April 15, 2013

Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, Steve Weisman, helps explain the price of reverse mortgages. 

Smashing Magazine April 12, 2013

Nancy Dickenson, Executive in Residence for the HFID Graduate Program, sits down with Smashing Magazine to answer questions regarding her experience in the UX field. 

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Yahoo! Finance April 12, 2013

Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, Steve Weisman breaks down the complex rules associated with Social Security so future retirees can properly understand h

AccountingWEB April 11, 2013

Professor of Accountancy William Read provides his perspective on the KPMG insider trading scandal.

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Bloomberg Businessweek April 10, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek features Bentley for its innovative integration of business and the arts & sciences, a curriculum that prov

The American Conservative April 10, 2013

Marketing professor Raj Sisodia is highlighted for co-authoring 'Conscious Capitalis