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Bloomberg Radio March 21, 2013

President Gloria Larson is interviewed about the challenges facing higher education and how Bentley is preparing students to be successful in their professional and personal lives.

Inland News Today March 21, 2013

Economics Professor Scott Sumner offers insight on the Fed keeping interest rates low

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Campus Technology March 20, 2013

Senior Lecturer in Computer Information Systems Mark Frydenberg explores how big data, and the new tools being used to manage and analyze it, are

Waltham News Tribune March 19, 2013

The Jacobs brothers, co-founders of Life is good, a Boston-based lifestyle brand, will deliver the commencement address to Bentley University's undergraduate students on Saturday, May 18. March 18, 2013

President Gloria Larson expresses her excitement for this year's commencement address being delivered by Bert and John Jac

Bloomberg Businessweek March 15, 2013

Senior Director of the Center for Women and Business, Susan Adams, sheds light on the generational shifts in mentorship models today.

Gigaom March 9, 2013

Director of the Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design program Bill Gribbons authors a

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Forbes March 7, 2013

Alums Joseph Lamoureux and Jared Anista are featured for their innovative startup company Go Pro Workouts, LLC

Bloomberg Radio March 6, 2013

Professor of Economics Scott Sumner chats with hosts of "The Hays Advantage" Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn along with Bloomberg writer Caroline Baum about why the Fed should move

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New Jersey CPA March 6, 2013

After sitting down with Deloitte National Campus Recruiter Scott McQuillan, student Joseph Hark explains how to properly go through the process of accepting and rejecting job offers.