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New York Times August 27, 2011

Professor of Economics and well-known monetary blogger Scott Sumner, is highlighted by New York Times reporter David Leonhardt as a "big-name economist" and addresses how the Fed 

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The Economist August 26, 2011

Economics Professor Scott Sumner is highlighted for his opinion on where central bankers should focus monetary policy.

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Australian School of Business August 25, 2011

Management Professor and Founding Director of the Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility, Tony Buono is interviewed about the increased interest in ethical education aimed at guiding bus

CIO August 24, 2011

A study co-authored by Timothy B.

Voice of America August 23, 2011

Senior Lecturer of Financial Planning Steve Weisman explains why new online savings sites are growing in popularity.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer August 22, 2011

Senior Marketing Lecturer Perry Lowe offers his expertise on the rise of the 'swap economy'.

Plainview Patch August 21, 2011

Marketing major Josh Seiden is interviewed about his budding career as a stand-up comedian.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education August 21, 2011

Dean of Arts & Sciences Dan Everett is interviewed about Bentley's innovative fusion of business with the arts and sciences.

WBZ-TV August 18, 2011

Finance Professor Jay Sultan explains what impact the turmoil in the European financial market has on the U.S. economy.


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CNN Money August 16, 2011

Bentley University is highlighted as a major factor in CNN Money's election of Waltham as one of the best places to live in the United States.

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