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Boston Business Journal July 30, 2010

Boston Business Journal: Dean of Business and VP of Academic Affairs Mike Page discusses Bentley's participation in the Commonwealth Compact, an initiative to help retain mino

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Forbes July 26, 2010 Professor of Management and Psychology Aaron Nurick offers the number one tip for being successful in th

CNN July 21, 2010

CNN Money: Economics Professor Scott Sumner's expert opinion is featured in

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China Radio International July 17, 2010

China Radio International: Distinguished Professor Robert Galliers offers comments and insight on Chinese Universities.

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Bankrate July 13, 2010 Professor of Finance Marcia Cornett offers her expert insight in

Bloomberg Businessweek July 7, 2010

Bloomberg News: Bentley Professor of Economics Scott Sumner explains the effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff act in

Boston Business Journal July 2, 2010

Boston Business Journal: Senior Lecturer of Management Fred Tuffile's business plan competition at Bentley is high

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Nashoba Publishing July 2, 2010

Nashoba Publishing: Lecturer of Information Design and Corporate Communication Jon Boroshok is highlighted for his recent service-learning honor in

Metro June 21, 2010

Metro Boston: Director of the Center for Marketing Technology Ian Cross shares his thoughts on

Reuters June 18, 2010

Reuters: Finance Professor Leonard Rosenthal provides his expertise for the story

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