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Harvard Business Review September 5, 2013

Millenial expert and Bentley alum Dan Schawbel sites research from the Center for Women and Business to combat the notion that Millenials are not motivated at

Bloomberg Radio September 4, 2013

Professor of Economics Scott Sumner discusses his Federal Reserve predictions with Bloomberg Radio

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Boston Common Magazine September 4, 2013

Marketing Professor Ian Cross shares his favorite local restaurants with Boston Common Magazine.

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LinkedIn August 27, 2013

A study by the Center for Women and Business is highlighted for revealing that 78% of college-educated young professionals aspire to a leadership role in their fields. August 25, 2013

Law Professor Liz Brown is highlighted for her career transition from partner at an international law firm to tenure track professor.

Inside Higher Ed August 23, 2013

Assistant Director of Wellness Jessica Greher-Traue offers creative and effective methods to advocate for responsible student drinking.

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Bloomberg Radio August 22, 2013

Vice President for Enrollment Management Joann McKenna speaks with Bloomberg Radio about the college admissions process, including how universities are using social media to reach prospective students.

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CNBC August 22, 2013

The Bentley Service-Learning Center partners with Brandeis University and the City of Waltham to help create a new community center at the Prospect Hill Terrace housing developm

MAA Focus August 21, 2013

Mathematical Sciences Professor Charles Hadlock is highlighted by the Mathematical Association of America for his contributions to mathematics and service to the community inside

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Yahoo! Finance August 20, 2013

Jay Thibodeau, professor of accountancy, offers feedback on the teaching cases presented at the 2013 Accounting Association Annual Conference.