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Wall Street Journal June 14, 2010

Wall Street Journal blogs: Assistant Professor of Economics Dhaval Dave is highlighted for co-authoring a study on the benefits of welfare reform in

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El Pais June 11, 2010

El Pais (Uruguay) - Professor of Mathematics Amir Aczel is acknowledged for his vast understanding of a mathematical group called "Nicolas Bourbaki" in

Research & Development June 10, 2010

R&D Magazine: Bentley Professor of Global Studies Christine Williams is highlighted for winning a Best Research Paper award from the Digital Governme

VOX June 3, 2010

VOX: Professor of Economics Dhaval Dave authors a column for this prominent European Union policy analysis site highlighting his recent study

Boston Phoenix June 2, 2010

Boston Phoenix: Bentley Media Production Professor Jeff Stern is highlighted for his role in co-producing a film and using creative ways to raise funds in

Business Ethics May 31, 2010 Marketing Professor Raj Sisodia discusses how today's business leadership models mu

Investor's Business Daily May 18, 2010

Investor's Business Daily: Bill Gribbons, director of the Masters of Science in

TOPICS: Media Coverage
Marginal Revolution May 14, 2010

Marginal Revolution: Assistant Professor of Economics Dhaval Dave shares his knowledge of the pharmaceutical market in