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Huffington Post July 7, 2016

Market research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project is highlighted stating that 66% of millennials say they want to be entrepreneurs.

CNN July 7, 2016

One entrepreneur substantiates Bentley’s affirmation from the PreparedU Project that most millennials find success with flexible work hours.

Boston Globe July 4, 2016

Michael Hoffman, founding executive director of the Center for Business Ethics, comments on whether or not it's ethical for universities to accept funding from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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ABC News July 3, 2016

Bentley's CMT Director and Marketing Professor Ian Cross identifies potential reservations from companies eligible to sponsor Independence Day events.

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Washington Post July 3, 2016

Ian Cross, marketing professor and director of the CMT, offers insight on why there is a lack of industry interest in sponsoring 4th of July festivities. 

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USA Today July 2, 2016

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman shares six steps to protect yourself against identity theft.

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Politico July 1, 2016

An approved National Bureau of Economic Research study from Economics Professor Dhaval Dave showcases one benefit of recent wage increases.

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Pacific Standard July 1, 2016

Economics Professor Dhaval Dave’s latest research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research analyzes the relationship between wage increases and newborn health.

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Washington Post June 30, 2016

Professor Dhaval Dave is featured for his recent research on the health effects associated with the minimum wage.

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CityLab June 28, 2016

A working paper co-authored by Economics Professor Dhaval Dave is highlighted in questioning the non-economic impacts of an increased minimum wage. 

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