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USA Today December 12, 2015

Identity theft expert and Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning Steve Weisman provides tips for safe online shopping during the holiday season.  

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Boston Globe December 12, 2015

Film Professor Jeff Stern is highlighted in this article exploring the significant presence of the ‘Star Wars’ saga.  

Boston Globe December 11, 2015

Finance Professor Kristina Minnick weighs in on the potential merger between the two major office supply chains.    

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WCVB -TV December 10, 2015

Bentley's Center for Women and Business is featured for its strides to improve the workplace experience for women in the business world. December 9, 2015

Bentley University ranks 18th on the list of colleges whose graduates earn the highest salaries.

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Huffington Post December 9, 2015

Spiritual and religious leaders in higher education including Rev. Robin J. Olson, Imam Abdallah Ddumba, and Rabbi Jeff Foust of the Bentley Spiritual Life Center urge climate change negotiators to reach impactful agreements.

The Daily Dot December 8, 2015

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman remarks on the serious implications of children’s identity theft.  

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Business Insider December 7, 2015

Bentley is included in a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce that ranks colleges by salaries earned.

USA Today College December 7, 2015

Bentley University is listed at number five on The Economist’s ranking of schools in relation to alumni salaries.   

New England Cable News December 7, 2015

Professor of International Business Strategy Jill Brown comments on the growth and profitability of Keurig.

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