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Business Insider July 24, 2015

Executive Director of Career Services Susan Brennan discusses how candidates should prepare for a difficult job interview.

Corporate Tech Decisions July 23, 2015

Bentley’s research from the PreparedU Project reveals that millennials are looking for a work-life balance. 

Huffington Post July 23, 2015

Research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project provides insight for businesses that are looking to increase productivity among millennials. 

CBS Boston July 22, 2015

Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning at Bentley, discusses the importance of carefully examining billing statements. 

TOPICS: Media Coverage
MarketPlace July 22, 2015

Len Rosenthal, Finance professor at Bentley, discusses how companies such as Apple strive to exceed the expectations of their investors to increase their stock value. 

TOPICS: Media Coverage
US Senate July 21, 2015

Senior Lecturer of Economics Bryan Snyder is recognized as a top economist in support of establishing a $15 an hour minimum wage. 

Tampa Bay Times July 21, 2015

A study conducted by Bentley's Center for Women and Business shows that millennial men and women are seeking a workplace which accommodates their personal values. 

Forbes July 20, 2015

A Bentley study reveals that millennials have a strong desire to start their own businesses, however many factors are preventing them from doing so. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal July 17, 2015

According to a survey commissioned by Bentley, millennials would rather start their own business rather than climb the corporate ladder. This article highlights millennials who have become millionaires thanks to their startups.  

Poets and Quants July 15, 2015

Dean of Business and the Graduate School of Business Chip Wiggins discusses his career path and Bentley’s fused curriculum of business and the arts and sciences.