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MainStreet May 27, 2015

Professor of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning Steve Weisman says to limit the amount of personal information you have on portable devices while traveling. 

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MediaPost May 26, 2015

According to a Bentley study, millennials are more inclined to start their own business and are less likely to accept a job which does not benefit their own needs. 

Master's in Accounting Degrees May 26, 2015

Bentley University is ranked among the top 10 online Master's of Accounting degree programs in the nation for 2015. 

C-Span May 21, 2015

Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine M. Clarke discusses the importance of funding the geosciences. She explains how students from Bentley University are advocating for increased funding due to the critical role the geosciences play in disaster resilience. 

Natural News May 20, 2015

According to a study by  Economics Professor Dhaval Dave, many people develop unhealthy habits as a result of being out of work and having difficulty finding work. 

Fortune May 19, 2015

President Gloria Larson discusses the importance of having a mentor at work and the impact men can have in helping women in the workplace.

USA Today May 19, 2015

Steve Weisman, professor of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning at Bentley, authors this article discussing ways to be aware of scams and fake claims regarding weight loss products. 

MSN Money May 19, 2015

study conducted by Bentley reveals the career path that most millennials prefer to follow. This article is originally posted on TheStreet

Boston Globe May 19, 2015

Bentley's Center for Women and Business is highlighted for issuing a corporate challenge to encourage companies to promote and retain women employees and board members.

SHRM Blog May 18, 2015

study conducted by Bentley University reveals valuable information regarding millennials in the workplace.