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Entrepreneur August 31, 2015

Research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project debunks the myth that millennials can’t function without social media and smart devices at work. August 30, 2015

A recent Bentley graduate provides advice for the incoming class of 2019.

USA Today August 29, 2015

Professor of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning Steve Weisman discusses the growing threat of income tax identity theft.

Boston Globe August 29, 2015

Bentley University’s diversity training efforts are highlighted. 

Fast Company August 28, 2015

Sava Berhané, associate director of Bentley’s Center for Women and Business, discusses why mentoring programs are not doing enough to advance women’s careers. 

Mashable August 26, 2015

Patricia Foster, program director of Bentley's Center for Women and Business, discusses the importance of women mentoring other women, rather than competing with them. 

Forbes August 25, 2015

Executive Director of Bentley's User Experience Center Bill Albert discusses how customers are demanding improved software UX.

TOPICS: Media Coverage
Inc. August 18, 2015

Market research from Bentley’s PreparedU Project is highlighted stating that 66% of millennials would like to start their own business.

Huffington Post August 18, 2015

PreparedU market research is cited in this piece about what millennial entrepreneurs should know about the reality of creating a startup.

Albuquerque Journal August 17, 2015

A survey generated by Bentley's Center for Women and Business reveals millennials' belief about work-life balance.