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Walletpop Canada December 21, 2012
Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning and author of 50 Ways to...
Huffington Post December 20, 2012
Executive advisor at the Center for Women and Business Toni Wolfman is highlighted for her thoughts on companies losing out if they do not figure out how to retain and adva
Advertising Age December 17, 2012
Associate Professor of Marketing Susan Dobscha authors an opinion piece examining the blunders marketers make when they target women.
TOPICS: Media Coverage December 14, 2012
Bentley is highlighted, along with other local area schools, for welcoming therapy dogs from the Dogs Building Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support, or Dog B.O.N.E.S, to help students de-stres
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Huffington Post December 14, 2012
Senior Lecturer of Computer Information Systems, Mark Frydenberg shares his experience and
TD Waterhouse December 12, 2012
Scott Sumner, Professor of Economics, is recognized for his enthusiastic endorsement of Nominal GDP targeting in relation to central bankers.
TOPICS: Media Coverage
CEEMAN News December 12, 2012
Tony Buono, Management Professor and Coordinator of the Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibilty, was appointed to
The Atlantic December 12, 2012
Professor of Economics, Scott Sumner, is referenced in a discussion about the fiscal cliff for his insight on what happens when central banks in fiat-money systems try to inflate.
Bloomberg Businessweek December 12, 2012
Toni Wolfman, executive adviser at the Center for Women and Business, comments on the unfortunately slow progress of women rising to business leadership roles.
San Jose Mercury News December 12, 2012
Michael Hoffman, director of the Center for Business Ethics, gives advice to employed job seekers on how