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Boston Business Journal February 15, 2012
President Gloria Larson is highlighted for being one of many top level executives to attend the first annual Cradles to...
TOPICS: Media Coverage February 10, 2012
Economics Professor, Scott Sumner, is highlighted for his blog, TheMoneyIllusion, where he discusses issues facing monetary...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
BostInno February 10, 2012
Bentley students beat 14 other collegiate teams to win the Boston Beta showcase for startup companies. The winning team was...
Bloomberg Businessweek February 10, 2012
Economics Professor, Scott Sumner, is highlighted as one of the "illustrious peers" of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Freakonomics February 9, 2012
Economics Professor Dhaval Dave is highlighted for his findings on the link between exercise, eating and tough economic...
Fox News February 8, 2012
Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, Steve Weisman, offers his recommendations on how married couples...
Color Magazine February 7, 2012
Executive Director of External Relations for Academic Affairs John A. Sims discusses his assertion that organizations should...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Georgetown University News February 6, 2012
Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences Fred Ledley is highlighted for his first published novel, Sputnik’s Child.
Campus Technology January 31, 2012
Senior Lecturer of Computer Information Systems Mark Frydenberg discussess how to utilize smartphones as a powerful teaching...
The Economist January 30, 2012
Economics Professor Scott Sumner comments con Britain's sluggish economic growth.
TOPICS: Media Coverage