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WGBH January 30, 2012
In an interview on the Callie Crossley Show, Associate Professor of Marketing Dipyan Biswas offers insight on what the...
Bloomberg Businessweek January 28, 2012
Executive Founding Director of the Center for Business Ethics Michael Hoffman comments on Credit Suisse's decision on year-...
The Wall Street Journal Blogs January 27, 2012
Professor of Economics and author of the renowned blog The Money Illusion Scott Sumner's point of view on Fed Chairman...
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Religion News Service January 26, 2012
Assistant Professor of History Clifford Putney comments on the impact of missionaries on American culture.
TOPICS: Media Coverage
New England Cable News January 25, 2012
Professor of English and Media Studies Jennifer Gillan discusses how the feud between Sunbeam and DirecTV could affect...
TOPICS: Media Coverage
Washington Post January 25, 2012
The Washington Post College Inc. blog features a guest post from Bentley University Career Services Managing Director Susan...
BizEd Magazine January 25, 2012
Chip Wiggins is highlighted for his appointment to Bentley's Dean of Business and the McCallum Graduate School.
TOPICS: Media Coverage, MBA
Business News Daily January 23, 2012
In response to the question of whether or not it is ethical to blame one player for a team loss, Executive Founding Director...
MoneyWeek January 13, 2012
UK magazine, MoneyWeek, highlights Economics Professor Scott Sumner as the leader of an influential group of bloggers...
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Chicago Tribune January 13, 2012
Managing Director of Career Services Susan Brennan explains the importance of utilizing Career Services before graduating in...