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Fox 25 January 13, 2012
Professor of Economics David Gulley offers his perspective on the proposed Casino in Brimfield, Massachusetts.
WABI TV5 January 10, 2012
Bentley Sophomore Lindsay Beauregard is highlighted for placing third in a national online video contest where she explained how she intends to use her major after graduation.
Minyanville January 10, 2012
Professor of Management Michael Boyd offers his thoughts on Elements of Successful Organizations, citing that it is "an insightful and engaging book for anyone setting visi
Associated Press January 9, 2012
Cliff Putney, Professor of History and author of the book "Muscular Christianity: Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920," comments on Denver Bronco's Quarterback Tim
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Govfresh January 9, 2012
Professor of Global Studies Jeff Gulati explains the correlation between Facebook activity and turnout in the primary polls.
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The Chronicle of Higher Education January 8, 2012
Professor of Economics Scott Sumner is highlighted as a pioneer of the economic blogosphere which is changing the way economists debate current issues.
Bloomberg Businessweek January 5, 2012
Professor of Economics Scott Sumner offers insight on the Fed forecasting inflation, unemployment and real gross-domestic-product growth in the current year, the next few calendar
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Boston Globe January 5, 2012
Bentley honors students are highlighted for conducting a semester-long research project whereby they analyzed Waltham's Main Street and offered the city strategies to enhance the downtown business climate.
Boston Globe January 4, 2012
Bentley student Lacey Nemergut offers her insight into the process of  finding the right roommate in college.
New Hampshire Magazine January 1, 2012
Senior Lecturer of Economics John Tommasi is highlighted for his research on the economic impact of ending drug prohibition.
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