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The Chronicle of Higher Education November 9, 2011
Neil Wollman, senior fellow at the Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility, argues that we should "applaud the Occupy Movement" for bringing the inequality in society to public attent
Wall Street Journal November 8, 2011
Economics Professor Scott Sumner explains to the WSJ why and how the Federal Reserve ought to be far more aggressive in stimulating the US economy.
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CNN November 7, 2011
Bentley Professors Christine Williams and Bruce Weinberg are highlighted for their research on the effective
Appalachian State University News November 7, 2011
Bentley is praised for initiating a graduation pledge where students commit to social and environmental responsibility in any future career.
Boston Globe November 6, 2011
Advertising agency,  Allen & Gerritsen, is among few companies looking to expand in the next year.
The Daily Beast November 4, 2011
Global Studies Department Chair Joni Seager authors a piece examining why women are disproportionately impacted when natural disasters strike.  
BostInno November 2, 2011
Management Professor Susan Adams and Computer Information System Department Chair Leslie Waguespack both off
Campus Technology November 2, 2011
Campus Technology chatted with CIS Senior Lecturer Mark Frydenberg on the opening of the new CIS Sandbox, a state-of-the-art tech
Financial Post October 31, 2011
Economics Professor Scott Sumner is regarded as one of the most influential monetary theorists on the hot topic of NGDP targeting.
TOPICS: Media Coverage