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Goldman Sachs October 25, 2011
Goldman Sachs advises the Fed to target the level of GDP and acknowledges that Economics Professor Scott Sumner has long advocated this approach.
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Savannah Morning News October 22, 2011
Economics Professor Dhaval Dave is highlighted for his work examining the impact of unemployment on a person's physical health.
Business Insider October 22, 2011
Economics Professor Scott Sumner, who also authors the popular blog TheMoneyIllusion, is highlighted for his unorthodox, but increasi
Boston Business Journal October 21, 2011
On October 21, Special Assistant to the President Earl Avery received a lifetime achievement award for his efforts in fostering diversity at Bentley. The Boston Business Journal published a story highlighting those efforts.
Washington Post October 20, 2011
Washington Post Blogger Ezra Klein focuses on "NGDP Targeting" and highlights Bentley Economist Scott Sumner for being among the first to tout the economic strategy.
New York Times October 19, 2011
Economics Professor Scott Sumner is noted for his "market monetarist" outlook on the economy.
Marlborough Enterprise October 19, 2011
Associate Professor of Marketing Susan Dobscha was one of three keynote speakers for the third Massachusetts Green Career Conference on Sept. 30. 
Fox News October 19, 2011
 Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman offers advice on selecting a Medicare Part  D prescription drug plan.
My Content Builder October 19, 2011
Bentley is highlighted for having "smart" classrooms that include a “kill switch” to disable wireless networks and reduce student distraction in class.
Boston Herald October 19, 2011
Bentley University's “Break Into The Business of Baseball” 2011 internship winner,...