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Huffington Post November 15, 2012

President Gloria Larson offers insight on the future of Pell Grant federal funding for students as President Obama steps into his second term.

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BostInno November 15, 2012

A social media class at Bentley is featured for taking on Adjuct Professor Alyssa Hammond's challenge to get celebrity talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres to come to campus.

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New England Cable News November 9, 2012

Professor, Lawyer and scam expert Steve Weisman sits down with NECN to warn potential contributors about how to protect themselves from Hurricane Sandy charity scams.

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November 8, 2012

Bentley's summer program offered to rising high school seniors, Wall Street 101, is highlighted for one student's experience learning about the financial industry and thinking about her

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November 7, 2012

Betsy Myers, founding director of the Center for Women and Business, weighs in on the challenges women

November 6, 2012

Assistant Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences David Szymanski discusses how scientists can best communicate the effects of climate change to policymakers and the general

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November 6, 2012

Professor of History and expert on social movements Cyrus Veeser discusses why the Occupy Movement was insignificant to the 2012 election. 

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November 5, 2012

As we anxiously await the results of this year's presidential election, Professor Jeff Gulati joins NECN to share his opinion on myths, statistics, and related outcomes.

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November 1, 2012

Professor of Economics Scott Sumner is highlighted for his blog, The Money Illusion where he advocates for targeting nominal GDP, a

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October 31, 2012

Bentley University is highlighted for its selection to a team of global researchers as an extention of the Global Compact Initiative by the United Nations.