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The Daily Free Press February 2, 2014

Chief Marketing Officer David Perry discusses the results of Bentley's PreparedU Project survey on millennial preparedness.


WTOP Radio February 2, 2014

Bentley's recent PreparedU survey is cited for its analysis of college students' perceived preparedness for the workplace. 

Boston Globe February 2, 2014

Assistant Professor of Law Liz Brown is discusses an upcmoing panel where she will lead discussions about making career changes and who might have the easiest time

Washington Post January 31, 2014

Economics Professor Scott Sumner is highlighted as a thought leader for his view of the Federal Reserve. 

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Before It's News January 31, 2014

Scott Sumner is mentioned as one of the economists voicing an opposing view to that of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. 

TOPICS: Media Coverage
Washington Post January 31, 2014

Associate Professor of History Chris Beneke co-authors a piece about recent trends regarding individuals and their devotion to sports teams and how this compares to the committmen

Bloomberg Businessweek January 30, 2014

Economics Professor Scott Sumner and fellow economists David Beckworth and Robert Hetzel are featured for their opposing views on the performance of the Federal Reserve. 

TOPICS: Media Coverage
Boston Globe January 30, 2014

As Real Estate Blogger Scott Van Voorhis gives his take on the next generation of homeowners and analyzes what's to come for the Millennial generation, he highlights the PreparedU Project.

January 30, 2014

Dean of Arts & Sciences Dan Everett authors an opinion piece describing how and why Bentley's successful integration of business with the arts & sciences can be used by other colleges and universities and applied to different disciplines.

Washington Post January 29, 2014

Bentley University's new preparedness study is highlighted for examining the gap between how colleges prepare students for the working world and what employers really need.