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USA Today March 11, 2017

Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning, shares how the mystery shopper scam has been stealing money from unsuspecting victims for years.

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Huffington Post March 10, 2017

Alex Steinmann '18 shares why university career services departments are an invaluable resource to the students they serve.

by Helen Henrichs March 9, 2017

Six months after graduation, 99 percent of the Class of 2016 is employed, attending or planning to attend graduate school.

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation March 8, 2017

New research from Professor of Accountancy Rani Hoitash explores the importance of sustainability committees at the board-level.

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Wallet Hub March 7, 2017

Finance Professor Jahangir Sultan provides tips for improving your credit score.

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National Association of Colleges and Employers March 7, 2017

Associate Vice President of University Career Services Susan Brennan shares how universities can implement effective internship programs.  

Digital Guardian March 7, 2017

Senior Lecturer of Law, Taxation and Financial Planning Steve Weisman shares how retailers can protect themselves from credit card scams.

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March 7, 2017

Economics Professor Aaron Jackson, whose research focuses on monetary policy and inflation, shared his thoughts on the implications of the Fed’s likely decision in the following Q&A.

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March 7, 2017

Bentley University Ph.D. Candidate Jenna Burke, along with co-authors Professors Rani Hoitash (Bentley University) and Udi Hoitash (Northeastern University), explore whether it is beneficial for corporate boards to continue to adopt and dedicate resources to sustainability committees in their new paper.

Boston Globe March 6, 2017

Executive Director of Bentley’s Center for Women and Business Deb Pine explains why strong role models are crucial for women in the corporate and restaurant worlds.