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Bloomberg Businessweek August 6, 2014
Bentley graduate Marcelo Claure is named the new CEO of Sprint Corporation. Claure's past business endeavors, connections...
Fast Company August 5, 2014
Susan Brennan, Executive Director of Corporate Relations and Career Services, provides seven tips to help millennials get...
Waltham News Tribune July 31, 2014
Bentley's Lauren Battista was named the Capital One Division II Academic All-America of the Year. 
Waltham News Tribune July 31, 2014
The business skills of three Bentley interns are highlighted in this article featuring General Datatec, a new IT networking...
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The Atlantic July 29, 2014
Assistant professor Liz Brown discusses the difficulties of leaving a career in law. Brown's book, "Life After Law," is also...
WBUR Radio July 25, 2014
Associate Marketing Professor Andy Aylesworth appears on WBUR Here and Now to discuss Market Basket's lack of an internet...
CBS Boston July 25, 2014
Philosophy Department Chair Jeff Moriarty provides his input about the Market Basket strike on the WBZ Newsroom radio show.
MarketPlace July 24, 2014
The Graduation Pledge Alliance (GPA) is currently part of the Bentley Service-Learning Center's outlook on millennials...
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Yahoo! July 24, 2014
Jane Fedorowicz, Accounting and Information Systems professor, explains the pay off potential for workers with a highly...
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July 23, 2014
Geraldine “Gerri” S. Taylor, associate dean and director of the Center for Health and Wellness at Bentley University, was...
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